Car dismantlers

Warehouse technology for end-of-life vehicles and spare parts

Recycle ecologically – store economically

Uniform European guidelines for recycling and conditioning of old vehicles and spare parts, prescribe a certain and environmentally friendly storage of your products.

The optimal warehouse technology for your business purpose must correspond to these guidelines. The default leads frequently to punishments and in emergency to denial of license. A further reason to choose the correct warehouse technology supplier.

As one of the largest manufacturers of shelving systems in Europe, we are familiar with the current directions. Especially the well known cantilever shelving system of OHRA are robust, enormously workable and durable and deliver optimal space-saving solutions for your special warehouse problem.

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Your advantages:

Special solutions for end-of-life vehicles and spare parts

Warehouse technology accordingly to European guidelines for environmentally recovery and conditioning of end-of-life vehicles

Compact storage on slight floor base

Direct access to each stored vehicle and spare part

Fast adaptation of warehouse systems on changing requests

Consideration of wind loads by outside storage


More area - your utility: 67% saving

Warehouse possibility for 18 vehicles. The necessary floor base for conventional storage of 18 old vehicles amounts to ca. 146 sqm. No direct access, sophisticated handling by ranking of vehicles.

Warehouse possibility for 18 vehicles. The same amount of end-of-life vehicles requires only 48 sqm floor bases, due to the storage in robust cantilever shelving system. Each vehicle is now directly accessible. There is no sophisticated ranking of vehicles.

Area saving through storage in robust cantilever shelving system