Plastic and Aluminium

Cantilever racking system

The storage of plastic and aluminium products is a particularly difficult and demanding task. For more than 25 years OHRA characterises the technical development of economical and space-saving racking and storage solutions.

For the storage of plastic, PVC and aluminium parts, Cantilever racking systems proves to be the best storage solutions lengthy materials.

Aluminium or plastic profiles, PVC-pipes and -plates, drainpipes, window frames, gutters and other long material can be stored in this racking system.

A large range of accessories can help realise individual total storage possibilities. This would offer a one stop facility for your core products.


Exterior storage area – from covered racking systems up to rack-clad warehouses

The rack-clad warehouse starts with a simple roof, fitted to a run of single racking fitted with roof arms. The racks can be partially closed, or totally enclosed by cladding. This will allow further extensions or facilities; to be added at a later stage; if required.

For exterior storage, OHRA can provide all the components for the build specification; and Install it for you at a competitive cost.

The Cantilever racking is the supporting structure for the roof and the walls.


Mobile storage systems

Mobile storage systems consist of racking systems which are mounted on mobile carriages. This solid storage facility offers the maximum exploitation of the existing space and increases the storage capacity by nearly 100%.

Operation of the Mobiles can be achieved via radio control or simply by pushing a button (mains operated) the mobile system opens an aisle exactly at the required location for the product.

This mobile racking system is especially suited for large quantities of material which has to be stored in a confined warehouse footprint.


Mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors from OHRA generally can be fitted according to the physical footprint of the existing available space.

To be able to store and to commission in several storage levels has the advantage that the existing floor space can be used several times in the available height.

OHRA mezzanine floors are manufactured with high payloads and can be customised, and installed individually according to the customer’s requirements, even in existing warehouses.