Specialty stores

Besides building supplies and wood speciality stores we arrange as well garden stores, „Wood in the garden“ stores, tile speciality stores and speciality grocery stores. Our specialised salesmen cooperate close with you, our customer and with your planning department or architect. We have a big amount of our special racking systems on stock in order to furnish your store as quickly as possible or to help in case that something is missing.

We meet of course almost every special request. A particularly strong point is the fact that we can varnish all racking elements individually. So it is possible to order your racking systems according to your corporate colours.

“Wood in the garden”
Garden store

In keeping with their name, garden stores offer everything that gardeners need for their garden. Whether nursery, garden tools, garden furniture, pool technology or plants, the range of products covers everything involved with gardens.

We have the appropriate storage system available for a professional and customer-friendly storage of garden products with various applications and various size and weights.

We offer covered storage and stacking systems for storage on open air sites. If desired, the shelves can be galvanized and be protected from corrosion. This means security and protection for your valuable garden products.


Home Improvement Store

A long-time supplier of storage and stacking systems for various home improvement products, OHRA has established itself as a “preferred supplier” for many home improvement store operators. Our expert advisors can be involved in planning a new store, especially for optimal storage planning. That way it can be assured that all relevant storage products can be economically and appropriately stored, product specific, even before the warehouse is built.

We offer advice regarding presentation and product shelves for home improvement stores as well as the implementation of robust shelf systems for outdoor areas. It has been shown that OHRA galvanized shelves are the ideal solution for open-air areas.


Wood Specialty Store

Parquet, laminate flooring, cork, hardwood floors, doors and windows – these days the line of wood products at a wood specialty store is very diverse and based on individual customer needs.

For a customer-friendly presentation and storage, we plan and produce shelves and the appropriate storage system. From vertical shelves for trim and other long pieces of wood, pallet shelves for various products on pallets, to loading platforms for sales rooms with the appropriate wood panelling – we advise you about sales-improving storage and presentation in your wood specialty store.


Tile Specialty Store

The presentation of the various tile patterns for customers is a special task for tile specialty stores. Various amounts of tile packages should be able to be stored, mostly on pallets, at the same time. You can achieve this goal with the special presentation shelves from OHRA.

With the help of vertical and angled displays, this kind of shelving is designed to make a customer-friendly presentation possible. At the same time, you can store whole pallets of the corresponding tiles under the displays. That way you can maintain an overview of the products available and are in the position to deliver the desired product direct from the shelf to your customer.


Specialty Grocery Store

A customer-friendly presentation with direct access to the products is a crucial factor for your store.

As a producer of storage and shelving systems, we would like to help you find the right shelf system for you various products. As early as the planning stage, our expert, in dialogue with your planner or architect, work out the demands of competent storage. We then present you solutions how you can best store your wide range of products. Of course we consider your individual specifications, such as handling, type of storage and turnover rate.

A special aspect of our storage systems is its simple and quick modification for changing demands.

Let us advise you – for your customers’ convenience.