Timber trade

Cantilever Racking

The storage of timber is a particularly difficult and demanding task. For more than 20 years OHRA characterises the technical development of economical and spacesaving racking and storage solutions.

OHRA invented and perfected the free movable arm, today a standard feature in the timber trade. The Cantilever arm moves on impact, saving potential damage to your rack, forklift and staff.

The arm end is rounded as a further safety feature. An adjustment screw is provided to allow adjustment to the horizontal plane of the supported load. Easily adjustable arm heights by the use of an OHRA quick release patented securing device. All support beams are manufactured from high quality hot-rolled steel.


From a roof covered rack to an enclosed warehouse with OHRA solutions. Including: lighting systems. Sprinkler systems, overhead cranes, foundation management.

Assistance with the optimum layout to ensure maximum material flow for the maximum productivity. We strive to find the solution the customer requires.


Future Storage Systems

To store as many product lines in available space effectively and safely in a single handling movement. To pick and dispatch to the customer with the minimum of effort.

With the new projects and challenges for the future warehouse solutions under development ensures that the OHRA products are characterised as tomorrows solutions.


Pallet Racking

Doors, frames, floorings, fencing elements, garden furniture will have a suitable solution in our extensive racking range. Internal and external.

Individual solutions can be achieved thanks to a wide range of accessories provided for this particular application.


Mezzanine Floors

To store and operate on two or more levels enables the effective use of available space. With mezzanine and multi-level storage systems this problem is solved by OHRA even for the most difficult project.


Vertical Storage

Timber products which require manual access and promotional display are shown at their best when stored in our vertical storage systems. This system provides a safe and customer friendly display.


Chipboard Racking

Vertical storage of chipboard and timber sheet which require direct manual access are displayed safely and professionally with our system. The upper surface may be utilised as an extra storage area.