Mechanical engineering/metal processing

Cantilever Racking

The storage of metal is a particularly difficult and demanding task. For more than 20 years OHRA characterises the technical development of economical space-saving racking and storage solutions.

OHRA invented and perfected the free movable arm, now a standard feature in the metal trade. The Cantilever arm moves on impact saving potential damage to your rack, forklift and staff.

The arm end is rounded as a further safety feature. An adjustment screw is provided to allow adjustment to the horizontal plane of the supported load. Easily adjustable arm heights by the use of an OHRA quick release patented securing device. All support beams are manufactured from high quality hot-rolled steel.

The OHRA Cantilever product range provides Light - Heavy capacity, available with inclinable and telescopic arms. These variants offer storage solutions for: Tubes, axles, sheet metal and coils etc., up to an impressive capacity of 15,000 kg.

Particularly in the dispatch department, products with different dimensions are often stored on bespoke pallets. The optimal racking system for these pallets is the Cantilever racking, e.g. as continuous storage level with arm bridges or gratings (for pallets).


Cantilever with inclined arms/vertical storage

Optimal storage system for long goods and handling with crane. On request, with load secure, commissioning pin and storing trough. Removal by hand.


Racks for Coils

Special storage system for coils with independent weights of up to 15 tons. The racking technology will be adapted individually depending on the material flow (e.g. coils stored standing, flat or hanging) and according to the transport system (forklift truck, crane).


Dispatch warehouse

In a dispatch warehouse, products with different dimensions are often stored on special pallets. For this purpose, Cantilever racks with continous levels for pallets are especially suitable. Continous levels can be achieved by using arm bridges or gratings.


Pallet Racking

OHRA pallet racking provides a professional storage for a multitude of applications, especially for those with a high capacity product. Thanks to the robust type of construction by using hot-rolled steel profiles, individual storage solutions can be realised economically.


Mobile Racking

Mobile racking systems do not need aisles at all. Thus provides the highest room exploitation. Operated by radio control or by pushing a button, the racking system opens at the place where you want to take out your goods. Cantilever racking can also be transformed into a mobile racking.


High-Rise Forklift

OHRA designs,plans and builds your automated warehouse as your preferred supplier. Shown below is a fully automated distribution warehouse.


Rack-Clad Warehouse

An increased requirement for external storage of steel and metal products. From standard roofing up to fully enclosed or semi enclosed buildings.


Mezzanine Floors

To store or to pick in two or more levels means to use the storage space optimally. With mezzanine floors and multilevel storage systems this task is perfectly solved by OHRA – even for individual space requirements.