Furniture and timber industry

High rise rack – silo

For the furniture and timber industry, a special storage technology is an important feature to achieve an economic stock holding: pallets and transport packages in a pallet rack silo, and primary material, timber and plates in a Cantilever-silo. Due to the manufactured products and the applied material, voluminous goods have to be stored in a space-saving and comission-friendly method.

OHRA is a specialised compamy for this particular way of stock holding, and manufactures individual racking systems for the furniture and timber industry: Pallet rack silos with heights up to 24 mtrs and particularly Cantilever silos and special solutions. From the planning period and the construction phase up to the final inspection, our consulting engineers advise and take care for the customer, considering individual requests and specifications.

The basic construction for demanding high rise racks and silos is always a ruggedly designed pallet rack. The frames of the rack are statically defined according to their function and payloads. In addition, a wide range of accessories like e.g. centering devices, shipping points for mobile file cabinets and handing-over station can be employed.


Pallet Racking

The standard solution for goods on pallets and transport packages, but also suited to store plates, massive timber and warehouse products with high payloads – The OHRA pallet rack.

Due to the employment of rigid racking frames and strong beams it is possible to realise huge compartments with high payloads – the pallet and product sizes are secondary.

Pallet racks from OHRA are the professional storage solution for numerous products stored on pallets. Whether in the receiving store or for semi-finished products, whether for the spare-parts warehouse or for the stock holding of manufactured goods – OHRA pallet racks are the ideal storage system for the furniture and timber industry.


Mezzanine floors

The advantage of employing OHRA mezzanine floors is obvious: You can multiply the existing warehouse floor in the height.

To store and to comission in different levels, especially in a warehouse, in the dispatch department or in the commissioning zone means more storage volume on the same floor space. This is also applicable for the superstructure of a transport roadway or production plants.

This storage system meets the requirements of an economic stock holding. By employing hot-rolled steel profiles for the columns and the transversal girders, OHRA realises solid mezzanine floors with high payloads.

Our trained technical staff considers just in the planning phase existing obstacles like e.g. windows and doors or downpipes and ducts in the existing space. Consequently, the mezzanine floor can precisly be fitted and mostly during the current production.

Different floorings as chipboards, steel gratings or bulb plates as well as different transfer stations are worked out together with the customer, depending on the requirements and usability of the mezzanine floor.


Cantlever Racking

Especially in the furniture and timber industry the perfect storage of the heavy and unwieldy plates is an important fact.

In the receiving store, material as e.g. MDF-plates or chipboards for the production are stored with different sizes and with direct access. Consequently, the requested quantity of different plate sizes can be supplied to the production plant at any time and without losing time.

In order to fulfil this task, compact and solid Cantilever racks are the most suitable systems. High payloads and an adjustable system for changing demands meet the principle of an economic stock holding with direct access and a small place requirement.

OHRA plans, manufactures and installs solid and long-lasting storage and racking systems, especially for the furniture and timber industry. Starting from a manually oprated Cantilever Racking up to complete warehouse buildings for the storage of e.g. kitchen worktops, OHRA supplies all construction elements, accessories or high-rise trucks, by request including the verifiable calculation.