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Storage Technology for sceneries

Sceneries provide a particular attraction not only on the world’s biggest stages. They also demand a complex production and they have to be stored for further performances. As the scenery elements are often big and unwieldy, the storage of sceneries is a difficult and demanding task.

A particularly economic solution for this kind of storage is the application of mobile Cantilever racking systems to provide an endless storage facility. By using arm connectors, the Cantilever racking will be transformed to a uniform storage level with no disturbing columns and with usable storage depths of up to 2.5 metres.. The length of the racking system is variable at will. Depending of the warehouse height, you can achieve 5-6 storage levels.


Here in Zurich’s Opera warehouse a storage compartment has a length of nearly 80 metres. without any disturbing columns in-between.


The racking systems are mounted on mobile carriages which can be moved closer together. This provides a higher exploitation of the existing storing space and each scenery element is still accessible.

By pushing a button, the compact Racking system will open an aisle directly at the place where you want to store your goods.


Here at the State Theatre of Stuttgart you can see how it works:


For the planning and the start up of such an installation you need a lot of experience of specialised manufacturer like us.

A special demand is e.g. the laying of the rails or the installation of the sprinkler system (in the mobile racking systems), as well as the total design of the handling with a four-way electric forklift truck and the partially indispensable special product supports.


Storage technology for accessories and costumes

Theatre accessories like e.g. furniture, lamps or decoration articles as well as costumes are stored clearly arranged in a space-saving manner. At the Sate Theatre in Karlsruhe this task has been solved with a two-storey mezzanine floor.

Beside the mezzanine floors, robust Pallet racking are also an optimal storage solution for different accessories and a lot of decorating elements. A quick an individual commissioning for different performances is guaranteed by this kind of stock holding.


Joinery and workshop

For the production and the repair of scenery elements, the workshop needs different material with different sizes and weights. We provide your joineries and your workshops with the most suitable racking systems. These can be Cantilever racking, pallet racking or shelving.


Museums and galleries
Pictures and sculptures

Even when paintings and sculptures are better placed in a museum, all museums and art galleries have a large stock on hand, what we call warehouse.

It is no surprise that a particular requirement is asked for the storage of articles of virtue. Different storage solutions for sculptures, paintings and decoration elements are necessary for the different sizes and weights.

Particularly during the consulting phase, a special know-how is necessary to plan the most suitable storage facility which meets the high requirements as e.g. the required space, the accessibility or the insurance coverage.