Carpenters/Timber-frame constructions

Cantilever Racking

The storage of different products and raw material for carpentries is a particularly difficult and demanding task. For more than 25 years, OHRA chracterises the technical development of economical and space-saving racking and storage solutions.

OHRA invented and perfected the free movable arm, today a standard feature for carpentries. The Cantilever arm moves on impact, saving potential damage to your rack, forklift and staff.

The arm end is rounded as a further safety feature. An adjustment screw is provided to allow adjustment to the horizontal plane of the supported load. The Cantilever Racking systems are manufactured from high-quality hot-rolled steel.


The OHRA Cantilever Racking is suitable for the storage of different products and material such as veneers, timber, fibreboards, construction elements, chipboards and many more. Apart from timber, you can also store gutters, drainpipes and other long goods economically in Cantilever Racking systems.

Especially for the outside storage, on request OHRA provides all necessary components as e.g. roof covering elements, foundations up to complete rack-clad warehouses. A wide range of accessories can help you to realise individual storage solutions.


Pallet racking

Flat storing goods and heavy boards can be stored clearly and in a space-saving way in OHRA pallet racking systems. Strong racking frames and highly loadable beams are manufactured of that kind that even with large compartments high payloads can be achieved at reasonable prices.

In this type of racking system you can as well store means of production as e.g. varnish, glue or accessories. The storing levels can be adjusted in the height each 100 mm without any use of tools.


Mezzanine floors

Make the most of your warehouse volume. By using mezzanine floors, you can double your existing storage area. Combinations of mezzanine floors with integrated Cantilever Racking or Pallet Racking are also possible. The OHRA Mezzanine Floors can be fitted exactly in an existing warehouse.


Vertical racking systems

Strips, tubes and other long goods can be stored vertically in a space saving way with direct manual access in vertical racking systems, e.g. directly near the working station.


Chipboard Racking

Economic storage of chipboards in an OHRA chipboard-racking. Direct manual acces e.g. in the cutting area. Easy handling thanks to roller conveyors in front of each storing section. The upper surface may be utilised as an extra storage area.



Racking for the presentation of goods as e.g. window frames, or racking systems directly at the working station provide a clear storage and help to make work much easier.

So you can combine racking systems with e.g. vertical saws; telescopic arms can be used as a marking area and to measure wooden boards. Underneath a mezzanine floor you can e.g integrate a complete working station or a mechanical saw.