Flow and Push-back Racking

Flow Racking

high surface use

optimal filling level

independent supply and removal; filled in front, removed in back

product’s own weight moves it to the removal position

ideal rack commissioning

Flow racking is one of the most compact methods for storing and commissioning that employs the first-in-first-out principle.


Push Back Racking

Trolley systems

LIFO principle (last in – first out)

Optimal use of space

Sorted storage

Storage of up to four palettes deep

The push back warehouse offers a space-saving storage facility based on the "last in, first out" principle. The ideal area for products which are stored homogeneously and batch-based.

With the push back trolley system, the pallets are introduced from one side, one after another, along a rail system into the canal tunnel and also removed again. Up to 6 pallets in depth are possible.

Advantage over push back racking with conventional gravity roller conveyors: during the storage process, the top loaded trolley is pushed backwards with the next pallet for storage. This pallet is then set down on the next empty trolley. This prevents direct contact between the products.

Roller conveyor systems

In the case of the push back rack with roller conveyor system, the advantage lies in the amount of products which can be stored in depth: up to 10 pallets one behind the other. Compared to the push back trolley system, the height is lower. The shear forces necessary to move the pallets are, however, a drawback. Unsuitable for sensitive products.