Light cantilever racks for the handling with forklift trucks or cranes


arm lengths from 400 mm up to 1,200 mm

standard height up to 9 mtrs

high usage of existing room heights

lots of accessories usable as roll-off Stops or pvc-strips for delicate goods

the racks can be fitted to your existing warehouse dimensions and your existing transport devices

can be used as narrow aisle warehouse for commissioning trucks or side-loading trucks, thus provides less truck space or higher storage capacity

particullarly suited for the storage of light but bulky goods and long loads. For the storage of containers or loose material

lot of accessories like roll-off Stopps for round material

Sieve-rolls for the paper industry


Storage in containers


Narrow aisle store


Double-sided cantilever rack for narrow aisles


Storage with telescopic crane


Long good steel storage in narrow aisle installation