Mobile cantilever racks


mobile racks for light loads

nearly 100 % more storage capacity

no aisle between the racks

quick, low-noise, high exploitation of storing space

highly economic

Mobile racks are suitable to make the most use of storage space of your warehouse. The racks are fixed on a carriage. These carriages are motorised and can be moved by pushing a button. The selected aisle will be open. The carriages move on rails, which are installed into the floor prior to installation. A later assembly of the rails for existing cantilever racks is possible. The mobile rack system is fitted with safety devices in accordance to the regulations of ZH 1/428 trade association.

Theatre and opera scenes in mobile cantilever rack. The carriages are 45 m long, storage depth 1.850 mm


Timber and component parts stored in mobile racks


Remote controlled carriage, 6,8 m high, and 10 storage levels. For the storage of PVC and aluminium profiles


Assembly of the carriages


Only one open aisle


Guide rail and traversing rail for carriages