we have available 18 standard options of Rack-Clad-Systems as a result of our longstanding experience

spans of up to 40 m without columns

Walls: with and without insulation, sectional timber, timber framework, steel-girder frame

roof construction: bonded timber truss beams, solid timber, timber framework, steel-girder frame

planning, consulting, design and construction and unique supervision from one source

Systematic drawing of a covered area – one of 18 different basic models


Storage covered area with integrated office plant in perfect timber-method of construction


Warehouse for a kitchen manufacturer– length 100 m, width 28 m, height 10 m


700 sq.m usable floor space, 150 current metres. Cantilever racks with exterior storage possibility


Cantilever high rack – 17 m high


Open construction


as general supplier we recognise your requirements regarding the individual needs of construction.

assembly and dismantling possible at any time

protection against weather, but at the same time enough ventilation

planning and CAD-service

calculation of profiles, considering wind and snow loads

Clearly laid out, well illuminated, an ideal timber storage


Roof construction with timber framework


Self-supporting covered area space with 25m supporting span


Closed construction


All from one source: From planning to the roofing we provide the complete service. On the basis of racking we provide the roof, the walls, the gates and other parts.

From low buildings to complete warehouses we have vast experience, including planning and application.

High-rack silo for boards and doors


Fully accessible with sectional gates, roof and wall in trapezoid sheet material