Mezzanines, the 2nd floor in your warehouse

mezzanines – the inexpensive solution to double your area

better use of existing room-height

possible extension up to 4 floors

Load capacity in accordance to your requirements, standard 250-1.000 kgs/sqm

various distances between columns, standard 3,5 - 8,5 mtrs

Extensive accessories for the fitting of individual storage solutions


Complete mezzanine, standard

Height in rectangular type up to 3,200 mm, distance between columns up to 6,000 mm, load capacity of 500 kgs/sqm

The distance between columns and number/position of cross ties between columns are statically calculated and optimised

All steel parts painted RAL 6011 (reseda-green), RAL 5015 (sky-blue). Other colours are available with additional payment. Sigma-profiles and gratings are galvanised

Delivery includes all DIN-parts, fixing elements and cross ties.

Exellent cost effectiveness

Beams made of optimised Sigma-profiles or solid steel profiles

All other sizes, load capacities up to 2 tons, span of 20 mtrs, high-quality ground plans can be offered after consultation.





railing supports made of steel and in the same colour as the mezzanine

grip and knee-strip made of steel or timber (Meranti)

steel/steel or steel/timber construction

knee-strip and border are standard service

Supply station

according to UVV ZH1/428

protected with a chain

space-saving sliding gate or double-gate available

locks and flaps on demand

With chain


 with double gate


with sliding gate




With banisters on both sides, width 1,000 mm, 17 grid steps.


1000 x 1000 mm