Material flow planning


Core of this material flow planning and control is the trouble-free course, the structure of all goods movements and the communication with different components. Central part is a material flow computer which can be fitted to customer’s requirements. This computer controls all kinds of conveyor technology, high raiser trucks and other components of the warehouse move.

The material flow computer can be connected with each existing network and writes up all carried-out moves, online or for a later analysis.

When this material flow computer is integrated in the warehouse administration and control system, the automation and the warehouse administration melt together to a perfect-tuned unit. The result is an optimised workflow, together with functionality and cost-saving in a full-automated warehouse.

The material flow computer controls:

pallet conveyor technology

high-lift raiser trucks

weight systems


case conveyor technology

Mobile conveyor system


Systematic survey


Material flow computer


Central control unit


Boards commissioning with vacuum systems


Conveyor system