Pallet racks


OHRA pallet racks for individual solutions

bolted frames made of hot-rolled steel profiles for highest storage requirements

beams made of IPE-steel profiles with welded connection-elements guarantee a strong connection with the frame

easy assembly – only a few components

big storage levels, possible high loads for frames and beams

frames with adjustment grid of 100 mm

secure transfer of loads into the floor ground through solid foot-plates

Hot-rolled steel is flexible and keeps its advantages regarding the high vertical load and its static characteristics. Other pallet racks consist of cold-rolled sheet metal with 2 mm thickness which becomes unflexible even through light impacts. It can crease and loose its static figures. This is very important for the frames. Therefore our frames are made of hot-rolled steel.

Particularly suited for the storage of heavy, high-quality goods and the application in very robust, achievement-orientated and rough warehouse companies.

use of hot-rolled solid profiles

high security reserves, consideration of horizontal and dynamic forces

no reducing or optimizing of material to the burden of high security reserves

even impacts induced by a forklift truck get absorbed

payload of 15,200 kgs at a height of first shelf at 2,000 mm

Hot-rolled steel profiles for the frames


Hot-rolled steel profiles for the beams


Sheet metal frame compared with hot-rolled steel


There are few suppliers on the market providing: solid, hot-rolled supporting elements as columns and beams

Pallet racks for heavy loads    
Pallet racks for heavy loads

Particularly suited for the storage of heavy goods

Pallet racks with roof    
Pallet racks with roof

For exterior storage, one line or several lines – static proven security

Mobile pallet racks    
Mobile pallet racks

High density storage, nearly 100% more storage capacity

Pallet rack mezzanine    
Pallet rack mezzanine

Mezzanine based on pallet racks – effective use of space