Cantilever rack with inclined arms

Cantilever racks with inclined arms facilitate the storage with a crane.

tube profile to facilitate storage

load capacity per arm up to 800 kgs

top storage-container provides additional storage space

50 mm adjustment grid (model A and B)

length of rack (c/c): 4,500 mm

Distance column-column: 1.500 mm

long goods up to 6.000 mm

standard colour is RAL 5015 (sky-blue)

Delivery includes cross ties, distance tubes and floor anchors

possible extension

Arms inclined by 20°


Type A


Type B


Rack model:
Rack model  
Rack height  
Rack length  
Adjustment grid  
Column load per side  
Usable length  
Armload (distributed)  
Column profile  
Arm profile  
Socket arm profile  
No. of storage levels  
No. of columns  
No. of Arms  


Inclined arm

Article-No. Finish Arm length Load capacity
    [mm] [kg]
K40.SA070504 Type K40, RR 70/50 410 400
K60.SA100605 Type K60, RR 100/60 500 800

Storage pin

Article-No. Finish Arm length For inclined arms
K60.ESD08040 Type K60 300 100/60

Commissioning pin

Article-No. Finish Arm length For inclined arms
K40KSD06040 Type K40 300 70/50

Top storage container

Article-No. For column profile
VMSA40, IPE160 IPE 160
VMSA40, IPE180 IPE 180