mezzanine floor  

better use of existing room heights

possible construction for up to 4 storing levels

load capacity according to your requirements

various distances between columns

various accessories to fit your individual needs

optimum cost effectiveness

load capacity up to 2 tons / sqm

possible spans of up to 20 m

static calculation of distances between columns and cross ties

competent consulting, planning, processing and inspection, CAD-service and technical care

specialised fitters guarantee a professional assembly

mezzanine floor  
Components and technology of mezzanines

We only use quality components for your safety

mezzanine floor

4 levels of storage space

mezzanine floor

Used as working station...

mezzanine floor space

mezzanine floor

...or as attractive sales space

mezzanine floor

Systematic drawing of a storage mezzanine – we can also design for you a suitable matching mezzanine for your warehouse


Mezzanines, the 2nd  floor in your warehouse    
Mezzanines, the 2nd floor in your warehouse

Better use of the existing room-height, possible extension up to four floor levels. Use as storage area, working station, commissioning area, supply area, production space and selling area.

Cantilever racking supporting mezzanine    
Cantilever racking supporting mezzanine

Mezzanine with several storage levels based on cantilever racks – optimum use of space