Vertical racks


The ideal way to store goods like strips, profiles, bars, tubes etc.. Various goods clearly laid out and with direct access

solid construction made of steel

also suitable for high loads like steel profiles or plates

adjustable in the height every 100 mm, lateral adjustment unlimited

possible extension through modular systems

easy assembly

Metal profiles and remnant material directly at the production plant


Vertical storage integrated in a pallet rack


Vertical storage integrated in a cantilever rack


Also available for exterior use and in galvanised finish (if required)


Systematic drawing of vertical storage – we can also plan your warehouse


Vertical racks

frames and beams painted sky-blue (RAL 5015)

3 beams on each side of the rack

separating arms and separating frames are not included

usable depth of 850 mm with additional depth-supporting components

foot-angle, foot-cover and lateral covers included

fixing bolts included

Basic bay single-sided,Unit bay single-sided


Basic bay double-sided,Unit bay double-sided


Rack model:
Rack depth:
Length of level:
Rack model  
Usable depth  
Rack depth  
Length of level  



Solid shelf for additional storage level. Accessories can be stored directly near the displayed goods

Max. load capacity = 600 kgs with a usable depth of 650 mm


Article-No. Usable depth Length of level
  [mm] [mm]
LP4515 450 1.500
LP4520 450 2.000
LP6515 650 1.500
LP6520 650 2.000
LP8515 850 1.500
LP8520 850 2.000

Timber boards for vertical racks

(foot cover and pedestal cover)
chipboard V20 E12, rough/rough, 25 mm


Article-No. Usable depth Length of level
  [mm] [mm]
LSP4515 450 1.500
LSP4520 450 2.000
LSP6515 650 1.500
LSP6520 650 2.000
LSP8515 850 1.500
LSP8520 850 2.000

Separating frame, vertical rack

Article-No. Usable depth Height
  [mm] [mm]
LTB4540 450 400
LTB4580 450 800
LTB6580 650 800
LTB8512 850 1.200
LTB8580 850 800

Separating arms

Article-No. Usable depth
LTA45 450
LTA65 650
LTA85 850

Advertising frame

Article-No. Size
LPRA5 DIN A5, yellow
LPRA6 DIN A6, yellow