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Brexit information!

On the 31st of December 2020 the circumstances under which we can trade with you has changed dramatically.

  • Great Britain has a tariffs free deal with the EU, but leaves the customs union and the single market.
  • Northern Ireland remains part of the UK customs territory, but by virtue of the withdrawal agreement, adheres to the rules of the single market and remains in the customs union.

What does this mean for you working with OHRA?

GB clients

  • With immediate effect OHRA will deliver goods to you DDP but  excluding VAT.
  • What this means is that OHRA will make the export declaration, provide the export documentation, organise the release via the customs hubs and deliver the goods to your premises.
  • Effectively this means that OHRA will take care of all the documentation apart from the VAT declaration on imported goods, which you are obliged to establish and pay.
  • For the shipments we will need your EORI number.
  • This is to all intents and purposes no change for you as up to now you were previously required to declare the VAT on a reverse charge basis.
  • Unfortunately we expect that the transit time will increase by at least one day
  • Due to the nature of the changes in documentation and the new rules regarding Covid testing for our drivers, the additional cost incurred are factored into the product price.


 Please note:

  • We are currently in the process of applying for a UK VAT number. Once we have this we will invoice “supply and install” contracts DDP including the British VAT. For all other contracts there will be no change.
  • We expect our GB VAT Nr. to be active by April at the latest.
  • From that point onwards OHRA will invoice with GB VAT and declare the VAT to the GB inland revenue accordingly. We will however continue to invoice in €.


Northern Ireland clients

  • As Northern Ireland will remain a part of the customs union, there will be no huge change in how OHRA operates with you.
  • Shipments will be declared as tax free deliveries to a “region within the customs union”
  • Northern Ireland clients will receive XI VAT-identification numbers from the NI tax office, however we will require this number off you in order to be able to process the contract and then we can move forward.
  • Again here we expect transit times to increase by 1 day, as forwarders may choose new routes in order to avoid any queues at busy ports.
  • The OHRA sales staff are not on furlough, and are willing and able to discuss with you all your requirements or queries regarding orders.
  • All enquiries can be sent by email to or directly to or for Northern Ireland .


Any queries regarding this email should be directed please to . We will reply asap. We wish you all a very successful 2021 and, of course, stay safe!

Kind regards

Raymond Wolsey

International Sales Director