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Cantilever rack High-quality shelving from Germany

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Quality and comprehensive service speak for themselves. OHRA can look back on over 40 years of experience as an established manufacturer of heavy-duty shelving and offers an impressive all-round service: From consulting to the manufacture and assembly of shelving systems. The cantilever rack is the most important product in the range.

With customised racks and an extensive range of accessories, we offer a complete solution for the storage of long goods and heavy loads. Everything: Made in Germany.

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Advantages of cantilever racking from OHRA

The sophisticated shelving systems for heavy loads or long goods are individually manufactured by OHRA according to your requirements – in Germany. They are powder-coated to a high standard or hot-dip galvanized for outdoor storage. Even when fully loaded, the cantilever racking system remains permanently stable and ensures a high level of safety for your staff and your customers. There are specific solutions for every product and every industry. The racks for long goods differ in height, usable depth, load capacity, or profile thickness depending on requirements.

A basic distinction is made between single-sided and double-sided cantilever rack shelves.

  • Shelving stands and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel profiles
  • Suspended, height-adjustable arms
  • freely movable cantilever arms protect goods and racks in the event of collisions
  • we offer both single-sided and double-sided solutions
  • High-quality powder coating protects the material and ensures a particularly long service life
  • lso available with roof, rear panel, and rain gutter in the outdoor area
  • optional hot-dip galvanized version for outdoor storage
Wir sind dann zufrieden, wenn Sie zufrieden sind.
Wir planen mit Ihrem vorhandenen Platz und Ihren individuellen Anforderungen.
Dank Dach im Außenbereich eine gute Sache. Ideal für den Holzhandel.
Doppelseitige Kragarmregale für den Autohandel. So macht Lagern Freude!

The cantilever principle is simple, yet fully thought through by OHRA.

Der freibewegliche Kragarm schont Ware und Regal und weicht Anstößen aus. Das Funktionsprinzip des Kragarmregals ist simpel aber genial.
Das Kragarm-Prinzip ist simpel aber dennoch von OHRA voll durchdacht. Für die Langgut- und Schwerlast-Lagerung eignen sich die Kragarmregale in nahezu allen handwerklichen und industriellen Branchen.

Everything you need to know at a glance

These are vertical steel supports with horizontally projecting roof cantilevers. The stored goods are placed on these arms. They are used for the storage of especially long objects such as pipes or beams (long goods).


They are available in either single-sided or double-sided versions. Single-sided cantilever racking is usually integrated along the walls of the warehouse or set up close to them. In the double-sided version, they allow access from both sides and maintain their stability through even weight distribution and a stable basic construction. Both can also be anchored in the ground.


In addition to the simple versions, there are also models with a roof, which offer the stored goods protection from the weather if they are used outdoors.

Today, cantilever racking made from hot-rolled steel profiles can be found in almost all industries:


  • In the timber trade or building material trade for the storage of squared timber, boards, stones, pipes, and profiles,
  • in the steel trade where sheet metal formats and heavy steel profiles have to be stored securely,
  • in joinery and carpentry workshops as storage for heavy chipboards,
  • but also at car recyclers, 
  • marinas,
  • furniture and kitchen manufacturers
  • and many other sectors where it is important to store a lot on a small footprint.

here are specific solutions for every product and every industry. Depending on requirements, they differ in height, usable depth, load capacity, or profile thickness. This is why OHRA always produces heavy-duty shelving according to the individual requirements and specific specifications of its customers.

Cantilever racking is an extremely strong storage system for storing long goods and heavy loads. This includes, for example, wooden panels, metal sheets, profiles, beams or steel elements, building materials or even end-of-life vehicles and all types of heavy loads.


Our variants, your choice

Simple functional principle – many useful versions:

Cantilever racking with roof
Doppelseitig mit Dach. Die Ware lagert wettergeschützt im Außenlager.
Cantilever racking system with a monopitch roof
Mit Pultdach. Offene Lagerung im Außenlager mit optimalem Regenschutz.
Cantilever racking system with roof
Mit Dach. Die PVC-Dacheindeckung sorgt für ausreichende Beleuchtung im Holzlager.
cantilever racking system with roof
Mit Dach, um schwere Lasten im Freien zu lagern.
Cantilever racking system with roof and cladding wall
Mit Dach und seitlichicher Verbretterung. Optimaler Wetterschutz bei gleichzeitiger Ventilation.
cantilever racking system with roof
Mit großer Dachfläche. Die Ware lagert im Freien und ist trotzdem vor Regen geschützt.

Cantilever racking with roof

In outdoor areas, cantilever racking with a roof is the right choice for your long goods that do not necessarily have to be stored in an enclosed warehouse. In addition to the load requirements, we take into account the snow and wind loads in your region when calculating the structural strength of the storage system, and dimension the rack profiles and the rack roof accordingly. We advise you right from the start: from planning to roofing. We also support you with your building permit – with drawing materials and statics on request.

Cantilever rack with roof

Single-sided cantilever rack

The single-sided cantilever rack is usually positioned under a roof or in front of a wall. It is operated from only one side.

The stable design allows a free-standing construction.

If the cantilever rack is planned as a single-sided rack, it can be closed at the rear and sides when used outdoors – for example with trapezoidal sheet metal or wood.

Single-sided cantilever rack

Cantilever racking light loads
Einseitiges Kragarmregal
Cantilever racking system for aluminium
Einseitiges Kragarmregal
Cantilever racking system steel storage
Einseitiges Kragarmregal
Doppelseitiges Kragarmregal
Doppelseitiges Kragarmregal
Doppelseitiges Kragarmregal
Doppelseitiges Kragarmregal
Doppelseitiges Kragarmregal
Doppelseitiges Kragarmregal
Doppelseitiges Kragarmregal

Double-sided cantilever racking

The double-sided cantilever racking consists of the same stand profile as the single-sided option. However, both sides of the rack are fitted with legs and cantilever arms. This gives you twice the storage space. This advantage makes the double-sided solution even more economical.

Double-sided cantilever rack

Heavy-duty cantilever racking

Heavy loads are a challenge for any rack. The cantilever racking from OHRA therefore consists of hot-rolled steel profiles for all load-bearing elements. The product benefits of this racking system become even more apparent as load requirements increase. With standard arm loads of up to 2,500kg and with support loads of up to 10,000kg, it can also handle heavy loads without any problems.


Heavy-duty cantilever racking

cantilever racking system for storing timber
Für die Lagerung von Spanplatten. Das Kragarmregal ist doppelseitig und pulverbeschichtet.
Cantilever racking for timber storage
Kragarmregale für die Holzlagerung. Schmalganglager mit Führungsschienen für 4-Wege-Stapler
Cantilever racking for coils
Perfekt für Coils. Tragfähigkeit bis zu 15 Tonnen pro Arm.
Cantilever racking for the storage of timber
Kragarmregale für Holzplatten. Direkter Zugriff auf verschiedene Abmessungen.
Cantilever racking system for storing steel
In einem Stahl Service-Center. Hohe Tragfähigkeiten für Blech- und Profillagerung.
Cantilever racking system for car recycling
Für die Lagerung von Altfahrzeugen bei einem Autoverwerter. Lagermöglichkeit von bis zu 4 Fahrzeugen übereinander.
Mobile racking system
Verschieberegal. Die robusten Regale werden auf Verfahrwagen montiert, die elektrisch bewegt werden können. Kompakte Lagerung auf kleiner Grundfläche.
Mobile cantilever racking
Das Prinzip einer Verschieberegal-Anlage.
Mobile cantilever racking system
Verschiebbare Varianten bei einem Aluminiumverarbeiter. Kompakte Lagermöglichkeit auf geringer Grundfläche. Auf Knopfdruck fahren die Regalzeilen auseinander, so dass nur ein Regalgang geöffnet ist.
Mobile cantilever racking system
Offener Gang eines Verschieberegals. Auf Knopfdruck öffnet sich nur der Gang, in welchem man ein- oder auslagern möchte. Elektronische Steuerung.
mobile racking system in a timber wholesale warehouse
Verschieberegale bei einem Holzhändler in Österreich. Die Ware ist sicher auf den robusten Kragarmen gelagert. Auf Knopfdruck öffnet sich nur der Gang, aus dem Ware entnommen oder eingelagert werden soll.
Mobile cantilever racking system
Verschiebbare Version bei einem Holzverarbeiter. Nur der Gang, in dem man ein- oder auslagern möchte, ist geöffnet. Die restlichen Regalzeilen sind Platz sparend zusammengeschoben.
mobile cantilever racking
Verfahrbar für Langgut. Es öffnet sich immer nur der Gang, in dem Ware ein- oder ausgelagert werden soll.

Cantilever racks as a sliding racking system

In a sliding racking system, the rows of shelves are directly connected to each other, with no free space in between. Only when you want to access your stored items, can you move the desired racks manually or electrically, thus creating access. By using sliding shelves from OHRA, you can make optimum use of your limited storage space and organise your products efficiently. The space saving also provides a clear overview of your stored goods and the various product groups, which saves time and resources.

Cantilever rack as a sliding racking system

Cantilever rack for long goods

Racks for long goods are suitable for storing particularly long goods. A rack for long goods can be designed both as a vertical storage system and as a horizontal storage system. The decisive factor when selecting a system is the intended use and the available space in the warehouse. The cantilever racks are ideal for pipes, for example. Access is quick and you have a good overview of the different lengths and varieties. The vertical shelving can also be installed in sales rooms.

Cantilever rack for long goods

Cantilever racking systems for aluminum
Lagerung von Aluminiumprofilen horizontal in Langgutregalen
cantilever racking for the metal trade
Lange Profile horizontal in einem Langgutregal. Mehrere Lagerebenen, Ausnutzung der Hallenhöhe.
cantilever racking for the metal trade
Verschiedene Längen und Abmessungen können in einem Regal abgelegt werden.
Cantilever racking for storing steel
Für die Lagerung von Metallringen. Ebenso geeignet für Coils und Drahtrollen.
Cantilever racking system for storing metal
Die doppelseitige Version für die Lagerung von Langgut. Armbrücken als Zubehör ermöglichen eine durchgehende Lagerung von verschiedenen Abmessungen in einer Lagerebene.
Galvanized cantilever racking system for outdoor storage
Feuerverzinkt für das Außenlager. Auf Anfrage auch mit Dach und Wand ausführbar.
Cantilever racking system for external storage
Für das Außenlager. Doppelseitige Ausführung. Zusätzlich mit Dach und Wand erweiterbar.
Cantilever racking systems for aluminum
Für die Lagerung von Aluminiumprofilen. Optimale Lagerung für Langgut auf geringer Grundfläche.
Cantilever racking system steel storage
Mit Armbrücken als Zubehör. Durchgehende Lagermöglichkeit ohne störende Zwischenstützen.

Other versions of cantilever racking

Other cantilever rack designs from OHRA offer customised solutions for unique storage needs, including special applications such as cantilever rack warehouses, platforms, and tile presentations. Discover our other cantilever rack variants with a wide selection of materials, stability, safety, and expandability.

Further versions


Corswarem NV


The metal wholesaler Adamet-Niemet replaced the previous storage concept of floor storage and low height racks to storage in cantilever racks from OHRA that are up to 8,570 millimetres high. The load capacity of the cantilever arms is 500 or 600 kilograms, up to 16 storage levels are possible with a rack height of 8,570 millimetres. This not only increased the storage capacity, but also accelerated the storage and retrieval processes and increased the efficiency of production. The flexible, height-adjustable cantilever arms of the OHRA racks also deflect upwards and sideways in the event of impacts. This protects the goods from damage.

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For the storage of coils weighing up to 5 tonnes, the Hungarian company Invesztál installed a 19.9m long pallet rack from OHRA. The heavy-duty rack was individually adapted to the dimensions of the coils stored on pallets. Compared to the previous storage - a mixture of floor storage and standard racking - access to the coils is easier, more reliable and faster with the new racking. In addition, damage to the - partly coloured and galvanised coils is minimised.

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ALBIXON, one of the leading manufacturers of swimming pools and pool enclosures in Europe, has expanded its storage capacities with a covered cantilever racking system from OHRA. Palletised aluminium profiles are stored here; the length of the pallets is 5 to 12 metres, the weight ranges from 500 to 1,200 kilograms. The new racking system not only offers more space, but also reduces costs: Unnecessary material movements are avoided, the efficiency of warehouse transports increases and the risk of damage to the stored goods decreases. Thanks to the weather protection, the costs for quality control are also reduced. Due to the good overview of the stored goods, stocktaking is also much easier to carry out.


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Corswarem NV

Corswarem NV

Auf sehr geringer Grundfläche ein hohes Lagervolumen.

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Long Goods Store For Aluminium Window Profiles

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Technical details

The construction of our cantilever racking consists of solid, robust, hot-rolled steel profiles that are particularly strong, safe, and durable. The main assemblies (stands, cantilever arms, feet) are powder-coated to a high quality for indoor use. All other components are strip galvanized in accordance with DIN 10346. Hot-dip galvanizing of components in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461 for outdoor use.

Anchoring of the racks indoors with galvanized anchors, outdoors with stainless steel anchors.

Product features Cantilever arms:

  • suspended, adjustment grid 100: 100mm
  • Flexible suspension and free movement (e.g. type K60K+H), thus protecting the cantilever arm and your goods from damage
  • Quick hooking and unhooking in almost horizontal position, e.g. K60 K+H
  • High-quality, forged, specially hardened hooking claw
  • Standard colours RAL 5015, 2002, 3000, 6011, 7035
  • No impact edges on the storage surface due to protruding connecting plates on the cantilever arm --> therefore no damage to the goods during the storage and retrieval
  • Arm deflectors on the cantilever arms in accordance with regulations
  • Prepared to accommodate roll-off safety
  • Prepared for the use of an adjusting screw

Product features Stands/feet:

  • Double-sided as standard in the grid 100: 100mm, perforated, (single-sided rack feet can be prepared for double-sided use at a later stage)
  • Screwed flush with the stand base, ensuring full-surface support on the stand base without protruding connecting plates. Therefore, no damage during the storage and retrieval
  • Components can be easily replaced in the event of warehouse modifications or repairs
  • Tire protection thanks to a bevel on the stand base (standard in the K60 system)

Our shelving systems comply with DIN 18800-7 and the current guidelines of the trade association for storage facilities and equipment (BGR 234), are safety-tested, and have a corresponding GS seal of approval.

cantilever racking technical detail
Eingehängter Kragarm mit Hinterlegplatte
cantilever racking technical detail
Bei Anstößen weicht der Kragarm aus
cantilever racking technical detail
Ständerprofil mit Anschluss für Distanzrohre

Are you looking for the right shelving system for you or have you already found the right one? We will be happy to advise you and send you a quote on request.

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Accessories for OHRA cantilever racking

Various accessories are available for the extended configuration of your OHRA rack. These can either be supplied retrospectively or at the time of ordering. These include grates, roll-off safety in heavy and light versions, arm bridges, saddle tubes, and much more. Below, you can see a selection of the solutions we have implemented.

cantilever racking accessory
Feuerverzinkt mit Wetterschutznetz
Cantilever racking accessory
Mit Armbrücken. Hiermit können Waren mit verschiedenen Abmessungen in einer Lagerebene gelagert werden.
cantilever racking accessory
Mit patentierter Hinterlegplatte für die Fixierung der Kragarme.
Cantilever racking accessory
Mit Führungsschiene und Einfahrbogen. Damit können Vierwege-Stapler leichter in den Regalgang einfahren und geführt werden.
Cantilever racking accessory
Mit Gitterrostauflage. Durchgehende Lagermöglichkeit.
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