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Automated racking storage systems Stacker cranes and warehouse management software

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automatic storage system Ohra

Innovative automation

Warehouse automation has become essential for modern companies who want to maximise speed and save time and money without compromising on safety. An investment in an automated warehouse quickly pays for itself.

The basis for an automated warehouse comes with choosing a suitable automated racking system that ensures the the advantages of automation: speed, dynamics, safety, energy and cost savings. At OHRA, we believe almost all racking systems, including shelving for small parts, can be automated, but the key factor is to determine which goods are being stored and moved (long and bulky goods are best suited for cantilever racking, whereas the pallet rack is the first choice for palleted goods).

    OHRA automated storage advantages :

    •     Storage and equipment planning from one source
    •     Warehouse management software available
    •     Wide range of equipment types
    •     Both curve-going and straight-running units possible
    •     Up to 8,000kg load capacity

    The operating mode of the storage and retrieval machine depends on the function of the warehouse. Here's a quick breakdown:

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    Semi-automatic warehouse

    A semi-automatic warehouse uses a storage and retrieval machine for certain tasks and processes, such as order picking, and the machine will move automatically to the racking position determined by the operator. The precise positioning in front of the racking position is fully automatic, while onloading and offloading is controlled manually by the operator.

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    Fully automated warehouse

    In a fully automated warehouse, all processes are pre-set on warehouse management software. Commands are transmitted automatically to the control unit of the storage and retrieval machine. All steps (including racking unit start-up, positioning in front of the racking position, lifting and lowering of loads, and journey to pick-up station) are fully automated, without any warehouse staff involvement.

    Automated warehouse key info:

    • One storage and retrieval machine to serve several aisles
    • Connects to warehouse management system
    • Very narrow aisle width
    • Top storage level up to 20m in height, and loads of up to 5 tonnes
    • Can store products up to 8m in length

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    Stacker crane in an automatic storage system
    Stacker crane with two masts and order picking platform
    Transfer station - automatic warehouse
    The goods are transferred to the stacker crane in the transit lock. Then everything runs fully automatically
    stacker crane - automatic storage
    The stacker crane can travel along several racking aisles. This is made possible by the curved technology of the unit
    stacker crane - automatic warehouse
    Everything is controlled automatically from the display of the stacker crane
    stacker crane - automatic storage
    Aisle travel with the stacker crane. An extension from semi- to fully-automatic is possible at any time
    stacker crane - automatic storage
    If required, the warehouse staff can fetch the order picking directly from the shelf compartment.
    automatic picking warehouse
    Transfer station of an automatic picking warehouse.
    automatic picking warehouse
    After measuring and weighing, the complete timber package is stored fully automatically
    automatic picking warehouse
    Picking station at a timber merchant. The vacuum suction device also picks individual boards After measuring and weighing, the complete timber package is stored fully automatically.
    automatic picking warehouse
    the fully automatic order picker automatically puts together several customer orders
    automatic warehouse
    The curve-going stacker crane can travel in different rack aisles and pick automatically

    Fully automated order picking warehouse

    In a fully automated order picking warehouse, all storage and retrieval, picking and provision of order-related packages is fully automated. This increases the efficiency of the entire storage and order picking process, and uses available space while reducing goods damage. If a shipping order requires the picking of different individual sheets, a vacuum manipulator has the corresponding articles ready for shipping, ensuring several orders can be processed at the same time. As a result, two separate systems can put orders together very efficiently in the smallest space. 

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    Stacker cranes

    Stacker cranes are rail-guided vehicles for handling goods in an automated racking system. The maximum height of a stacker crane is 46m. Depending on the stored goods, weight and dimensions, a distinction is made between different types of stacker cranes, with three options described below:


    OHRA two-mast stacker crane for long goods and heavy products

    With a load-bearing capacity of up to 8 tonnes, a two-mast stacker is particularly useful when handling heavy and large-volume goods and high-rise racks are required. Often used to stack building materials, timber, slabs or in paper-processing industries a two-mast stacker can store large volumes of long goods with a relatively small footprint and for a reasonable cost.Our manual standard devices with standard platforms can be used for direct 'man at the goods' order-picking at the rack.

    OHRA two-mast stacker cranes advantages

    • Particularly suited for long goods
    • Bearing loads of up to 8,000kg
    • Device can be delivered with a platform for manual order-picking
    • Curve-operation - for handling several aisles


    OHRA stacker crane for up to 12m storage heights

    Our special stacker crane can help you achieve automated storage of Euro pallets and pallet cages in heights of up to 12m, making it a superior alternative to VNA trucks. The crane's chassis allows for direct driving on the hall floor. The device can be curve-operated, is favourably priced and is based on a modular concept.

    OHRA 12m stacker crane advantages

    • Particularly suited for order-picking warehouses or automated buffer warehouses
    • Modular concept
    • Building height of up to 12m
    • Suitable for very narrow aisle warehouses
    • Curve-operation for handling several aisles


      Automatic storage system 15
      Using the “man at the goods” principle, the devices with platforms can be used for direct order-picking at the rack.
      Automatic storage
      Detail of the power supply for the retrieval unit
      Automatic storage
      Automatic storage of chipboards in a timber trade warehouse
      Automatic storage system OHRA
      Storage and retrieval units with a picking platform working at a timber and construction material wholesaler in France
      Automatic storage
      Storage and retrieval unit, working in a cantilever racking system. Guide rails on both sides
      Automatic storage Ohra
      automatic storage in cantilever racking. View into an aisle with a retrieval unit.

      OHRA stacker crane for up to 25m storage heights

      Our high-rise stacker crane is ideal for the storage of pallets and pallet caged materials in high-rise racks of up to 25m. It can come equipped with telescopic forks for single-depth or double-depth storage, or with a shuttle system or special load-carrying configuration, fully customised for your requirements. You can choose from a fully automated version or semi-automated version with a complete driver's cabin.

      OHRA high-rise stacker crane advantages

      • Particularly suited for high-performance warehouses
      • For pallets and pallet cages with storage heights of up to 25 m
      • Curve-operation for handling several aisles
      Automatic storage Ohra 19
      Stacker crane. Curve-operation - handling of several aisles possible

      Warehouse management software Ohra 01
      The entire material flow of a warehouse or a production facility can be controlled fully automatically

      Warehouse management software

      We can design fully automated warehouse management software that develops a logistics system suited to your existing organisation structure. Based on data collected on item turnover and company structure, we can work with your employees to develop concepts to be used as a specification book for automated storage. The result is a comprehensive and optionally configurable standard warehouse management system that can achieve instant and sustainable cost savings.

      OHRA warehouse management software advantages

      • Real-world analysis of your existing infrastructure to improve the process quality of your warehouse and technical system
      • Ensures emploxees are being deployed effectively
      • Solution development
      • presentation of results and specification book
      • Optimisation of storage capacity
      • Fifo-Lifo-BBD
      • ABC classification
      • Blocking of bays/stock
      • Order-picking optimisation

      References for automated storage solutions

      CAB 56
      Drevo Trust
      CAB 56

      CAB 56

      Inauguration of Warehouse with Trend-Setting Technology

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      Half-automated storage – Central warehouse with 3 automatic rack-mounted units

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      Drevo Trust

      Drevo Trust

      Drevo Trust has commissioned one of the first fully automatic warehouses for wooden plate materials in the Czech Republic.

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      The heart of Robert Fehr’s new building in Andelfingen, Switzerland, is a semi-automated warehouse for wooden boards up to 6,0 metres long and 2,5 metres wide.

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