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automatic warehouse
Automatic storage warehouse
Automatic cantilever racking system with stackercrane at a timber wholesale
Automatic storage warehouse
Automatic storage warehouse with a transfer station in front of the cantilever racking system
automatic warehouse, stacker crane
automatic warehouse, stacker crane
automatic warehouse, cantilever racking

New high-efficiency warehouse

The heart of Robert Fehr’s new building in Andelfingen, Switzerland, is a semi-automated warehouse for wooden boards up to 6,0 metres long and 2,5 metres wide. In the scope of this project, OHRA supplied the racking system, the stacker crane, and the control software. A special feature of the semi-automatic warehouse is its compact design and high space utilisation, which results in a high storage capacity and low storage costs.

With its corporate philosophy revolving around the ecological processing of domestic raw materials, 

Robert Fehr has established a leading position in the region. The company’s success meant new facilities were needed and included an expansion of the joinery, workshop and warehouse. 

The racking and storage technology was supplied by OHRA: The manufacturer, with headquarters in Kerpen, Germany, is a specialist in racking systems for the timber trade and is the European market leader for cantilever racks. 

The 40-metre-long, single-aisle semi-automatic warehouse offers space for various panel materials used in interior construction and by the joinery. The warehouse connects two floors of the building in height and the goods enter into and exit the warehousing unit via the second storey. The packs of dry construction panels, MDF, chipboard or sandwich boards which can weigh up to 4 tons are stored in two single-sided cantilever racks with nine storage levels, a height of 7.5 metres and a maximum storage depth of 2,5   metres.

In order to achieve more flexibility in the heights of the various storage levels and thus to improve space utilisation even further, the individual cantilever arms are suspended in the racking uprights on a 50 mm pitch (standard pitch 100 mm). Due to the boltless design of the arms, the storage levels can be quickly adjusted to the changing dimensions of the products without the use of tools. Special adjusting screws provide a fine adjustment facility of the cantilever levels. 

The solution, which OHRA individually designed to meet Robert Fehr’s requirements, enabled a very compact warehousing area footprint. The semi-automatic handling of the panels not only leads to a high storage capacity on the given area, but also reduces the risk of damage to the racks and stored goods. At the same time, the new storage system has helped greatly speed up the incoming goods processes.

Robert Fehr has been using OHRA rack systems for 20 years. In addition to the semi-automatic warehouse, other storage areas – such as the veneer warehouse and an outdoor warehouse – have also been equipped with OHRA cantilever racks.

About Robert Fehr:

The roots of the company Robert Fehr GmbH go back to 1944 when Robert Fehr Sr. founded a cooperage company. Under Robert Fehr Jr., the company developed into a carpenter’s workshop with a wide range of products since 1975. In 1985, the company was transformed into a family business. Today, the service portfolio ranges from kitchens, exterior and interior doors to complete interior fittings. The objective is to produce individual, affordable Swiss quality made fully in-house. Robert Fehr currently employs about 60 people.