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André Celis Bouw.Punt


cantilever racking with roof, galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized, with grids
cantilever racking galvanized

Heavy duty cantilever racks

Unrestricted storage of building materials

André Bouw.Punt Celis, one of the largest building materials distributors in the Flemish Brabant region of Belgium, has converted its outdoor warehouse to the use of heavy duty cantilever racks from OHRA. Thanks to the partially covered racks, damage to the stored goods is reduced and to the articles is significantly speeded up.

Back in 1948, André Celis founded a company to trade in coal, fertilizers and building materials. Today, building materials are sold wholesale at the Lubbeek and Wilsele locations. There, building materials and construction components are on offer for craftsmen, building contractors and the do-it-yourself sector.

For many years, items such as precast concrete or paving stones, which are not weather-sensitive, were stored on the ground in the outdoor area. However, this form of storage proved ineffective as sales increased and the product range grew: The existing outside areas could not be used optimally, the complexity of the storage facility led to an enormous delays in access to the desired articles while unprotected storage resulted in expensive damage to goods.

The company therefore decided to replace storage on the ground by a cantilever rack system from OHRA. The cantilever rack specialist based in Kerpen near Cologne in Germany offers a special hot-dip galvanized version of its rack system. The racks can also be fitted with a roof. For Celis, this is ideal for storing insulating materials and timber products. The building material supplier also decided on the heavy duty version of the cantilever rack with 1.2 metre-long cantilevers: up to 1,500 kg of goods can be stored on the four storage levels of the five-metre high rack. Most of the cantilever racks are equipped with galvanized grating supports, resulting in an uninterrupted storage area without any distracting props or posts. This way, all materials can be stored on all levels without any restrictions on load and length. The entire planning, implementation, and installation was carried out by OHRA specialists.

With the OHRA cantilever rack system, goods can be stored much in a much more transparent way - and Celis customers benefit too. Access to the articles is quicker and the goods are subjected to far less damage. Thus the central warehouse has been continuously modernized and expanded with OHRA rack systems over the last ten years. Celis has also ordered OHRA racks for its locations in Wilsele and Lubbeek, which opened this year.