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Storage capacity by the meter

Arabesque, the largest distributor of building materials and finishing products in Romania, has significantly expanded its storage capacity by increasing the number of racks indoor and outdoor in the existing warehouses and building new warehouses. So, in Bucharest expanded its storage capacity in 2023 with a new warehouse in which OHRA's cantilever racks reach a total length of over 250 meters at a height of up to 5,280 millimeters. In addition, old OHRA racks were used to build new rows of racking from them with the help of rack extensions, bolting and cross-bracing. The new racking system requires far less space than the previous floor storage system, so Arabesque now again has sufficient capacity to expand and enlarge its product range. This means that customer requirements can continue to be met reliably in the future.

There was a lack of space
In the previous warehouse, Arabesque stored the large number of different building materials and chipboard, for the most part in the form of floor storage. The area consumption was correspondingly high. Some of the goods were already stored in an OHRA rack, but the number of bays was no longer sufficient for the number of articles, which had grown considerably in the meantime.

Shelves increase storage capacity
Therefore, Arabesque decided to replace the floor storage with several rows of cantilever racks from OHRA. The racks have a height of up to 5,280mm, and the 1,200mm long cantilever arms support loads of up to 850 kilograms. All racks are equipped with guide rails so that the space required for the rack aisles is kept to a minimum, yet the four-way stacker can easily enter them.

Existing shelves extended
In addition, the components of the existing OHRA rack were used to build a new rack with additional upright extensions, bolting and cross bracing. Since the design of OHRA racks has remained unchanged for many years, even old racks can be easily extended and, for example, new storage levels can be added.

Faster, lighter, more reliable
With the new racks, Arabesque has now created enough storage capacity to be prepared for future customer requirements. Access to the goods is now much easier, more reliable, and faster thanks to storage in the cantilever racks.