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More efficiency by the bag

New heavy-duty racks from OHRA allow Budmax, one of the largest distributors of building materials and finishing products in Bulgaria, to store bagged goods efficiently. Until now, they stood on pallets on the floor. With a beam load of 5,000 kilograms and a frame height of 4,580 millimetres, Budmax can now store the pallets weighing up to 1,200 kilograms on four levels; this enables significantly better use of space as well as much easier and faster access to the items.

Quick solution in tent
Budmax has been using OHRA pallet and cantilever racks exclusively for a long time. For this reason, racks from the European market leader for cantilever racking were also chosen for the warehouse expansion. To quickly create more capacity in its logistics centre in Sofia for the growing product portfolio in terms of quantity and variety, Budmax installed the new racking system in an industrial tent. It provides space for, among others, two 18,6m long rows (one single-deep, one double-deep) of OHRA pallet racks.

Construction for high load capacity
The frames and the supports of the robust racks are made of solid hot-rolled steel profiles. The hot-rolled steel of the heavy-duty racks yields elastically while still retaining its advantages in terms of high vertical load-bearing capacity – for example, the profiles do not buckle when struck by forklift tines. The design also allows for particularly high bay and individual beam loads.

Each rack is precisely adapted to the user's individual storage configuration. In the case of Budmax, this means that a length of 3,600 millimetres was chosen for the beam length, so four pallets fit next to each other. With three storage levels, this results in a bay load of 15 tonnes (ground level with a first beam level of 1,300 millimetres is used as the fourth storage level).

Faster, lighter, more reliable
With the new rack system, Budmax now has both sufficient capacity to hold more items for its customers and increased efficiency in logistics overall, as access to building materials is much easier, faster, and more reliable compared to the old floor storage system.