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Corswarem NV, Belgien


rails for stacker crane
mobile cantilever racking
switch cabinet for mobile cantilever racking
mobile cantilever racking system
mobile cantilever racking
mobile cantilever racking
mobile cantilever racking
mobile cantilever racking
mobile cantilever racking

Independent family company Corswarem NV produces and assembles, amongst other things, gables and windows for major projects, with around 40 employees. 

For the manufacture of various products, the client uses aluminium profiles which are more than 6 meters long. These profiles are stocked in what are known as SCHUCO-Alu- boxes. Each box has a weight of around 1600 kg. These are transported using a four-way forklift. 

The available cantilever racks, located on the hall wall, were also fully loaded, which is why it had become necessary to increase the storage volume. The storage hall only has a surface area of 9 x 23 meters. As the individual profiles can only be picked manually, the challenge was to create lots of storage space despite the relatively low rack height. A further condition was that the available wall racks could continue to be used. 

Corswarem contacted OHRA’s Belgian advisor in order to find a practicable solution for the storage problem. 

During discussions with the client, different possibilities for efficient product storage were developed. The optimal solution was cantilever racks on transport carriages. This storage system makes it possible to create a high storage volume in very little surface area. The individual channels between the individual rack rows were planned so that the wall racks standing sideways to the construction could be used from the front. This would not have been possible with statically assembled racks. 

For cost reasons, the rails for the transport carriages were laid on the existing concrete floor, and then also covered with concrete. This solution is more economical than machining away the existing concrete floor. 

As well as the professional advice, the knowledge of OHRA storage systems in the aluminium sector and the solution with rails were crucial to winning the contract. Furthermore, OHRA, unlike other providers, offers one motor per transport carriage. 

This means that the racks can take heavier loads, and the transport carriages will run evenly and without disturbances.