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cantilever racking for chipboards
cantilever racking
cantilever racking for chipboards
pallet racking warehouse

Cantilever and pallet racks for chipboard and worktops

Making perfect use of storage space

To maximize storage space, the Polish company Damar has equipped its storage facilities with cantilever and pallet racks from OHRA. The racking systems not only permit the systematic storage of the chipboard, OSB and kitchen worktops, but they are also flexibly configurable – they can be adapted to changing storage conditions and individually tailored to the situation in the building concerned.

For more than 20 years, Damar has been supplying carpenters and joiners with chipboard, furniture fronts, kitchen worktops and furniture accessories such as handles and fittings from its company headquarters in Radom, Poland. In addition, boards can be cut according to the wishes of the customer in the company's own joinery.

Damar's first investment in OHRA racks was made six years ago. Impressed by the quality, Damar has now also equipped its newest warehouse with pallet racks from the specialists for cantilever and pallet racks based in Kerpen, Germany. Chipboards of 2070 x 2800 mm in size are stored in packages weighing up to 1800 kg. The exceptional thing about all this: the storage facility was set up in a large marquee tent. The high flexibility of shelving solutions from OHRA made itself felt, because to make the best use of the space, the distance of the rack frames was adapted exactly to the frame design of the marquee. To this end, OHRA has changed the length of the longitudinal beams to 2950 mm, so that the frames of the chipboard rack are located just before the ceiling supports of the marquee roof – so that the space available can be used optimally.

Another warehouse houses the 600-mm deep worktops, in packages weighing from 300 to 400 kg. This warehouse is fitted with cantilever racks from OHRA. A fourth storage facility, which is used to supply the joiner's workshop, is similarly equipped. Here, the 1200-kg heavy packages of OSB boards are stored. OHRA cantilever racks offer a high degree of flexibility, because the cantilevers can be variably mounted in the rack frames. This means that the Damar staff can change the height of the storage levels quickly and without any tools.

"OHRA racking systems permit our articles to be clearly assigned to their own shelves," explained Dariusz Piasek, member of the Damar board. "This means that customers have a quick overview of the chipboards and worktops in our warehouse. Thanks to the pallet and cantilever racks, we also avoid any damage to the boards through handling in the warehouse."