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Desguaces Autoeco


Cantilever racking for cars
Storage of 5 old cars on top of each other
Cantilever racking for cars
Easy handling. Cantilever racking with guide rails.
Cantilever racking for cars
Double-sided cantilever racks for the storage of 5 vehicles on top of each other

End-of-life vehicles piled high

The Spanish car recycler Desguaces Autoeco no longer stores the old vehicles on the floor, but on cantilever racks from OHRA. This enabled the company, based in Lugo, to multiply its storage capacities and assist the staff. Thanks to the high load capacity of the columns, the vehicles, each of which can weigh up to 2 tons, are stored on five levels. Specially designed columns even allow vans to be stored.  

By using the cantilever racks, Desguaces Autoeco can now store more vehicles on the existing site. The cantilever system allows flexible access to every vehicle, no matter what level it is stored in. This means that the staff do not have to be relocated to get to a desired vehicle. This leads to significant time savings for the employees and considerably increases occupational safety. 

Desguaces Autoeco chose the cantilever racks from OHRA, the European market leader for cantilever racks, because of their high stability and load capacity. All bearing elements of the OHRA racks are manufactured with solid hot-rolled steel. This enables even heavy loads to be stored on relatively high arm levels: At Desguaces Autoeco, the columns are 7,210mm tall. This offers space for five storage levels (on the lowest level, the vehicles sit directly on the cantilever bases). The solid wall steel profiles – unlike racks manufactured with sheet metal profiles – offer protection against buckling even at impact. 

Desguaces Auteco also installed special cantilever racks for the storage of vans: They offer two storage levels (including the base), with the top level being installed at a height of 2,300mm. This way, even taller vehicles can be easily accommodated. The cantilever arms attached on one side each carry up to 1,200 kilograms, which means that the end-of-life vehicles stored here can weigh up to 2.4 tons. 

About Desguaces Autoeco:

Desguaces Autoeco recycles all types of vehicles - from cars to vans. The resulting spare parts are shipped all over Spain. The company is based in Lugo, northern Spain.