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DWF Baustoff-Fachhandel


cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized, with roof
cantilever racking
cantilever racking galvanized, with roof

DWF Baustoff-Fachhandel: Warehouse Retro-Fit


DWF Baustoff-Fachhandel has been able to significantly increase its available storage capacity thanks to the extension of its warehouse in Berlin-Pankow with pallet and cantilever racks by OHRA. Pallet and cantilever racks were combined in a new warehouse in such a way as to provide optimal storage space for the very wide variety of roofing and façade building materials stocked. DWF also benefited from the long service life of the OHRA racks and the continuity in the product range of the racking specialist from Kerpen. This meant that racking parts already installed in the “old” 2010 warehouse could be reused, contributing to the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the new warehouse.

The newly built, 12-metre high warehouse has a surface area of 1,000 square metres and offers additional space for new articles such as façade panels, insulating panels and solid structural timber. Many of the articles now conveniently stored in protected racks used to be left outdoors or on the floor. Not only have the up to 6.58-metre-high pallet racks and the cantilever racks with a height of around 7 metres increased the storage capacity, they have also greatly improved access to the materials, in total OHRA has installed four racking rows around 18 metres long, consisting of pallet and cantilever racks, as well as two 25.5-metre long cantilever racks along the inner walls of the warehouse with six storage levels. Further cantilever racks provide space for less sensitive building materials.

The new construction complements an existing warehouse which was already fitted with OHRA racks. Part of this racking system was reused during the new construction. This was due to the fact that OHRA ensures a high level of continuity in its product range: the K60 model of cantilever racks used at DWF have been on the market for around 40 years, and the P3 model of pallet racks for at least 30 years. This means that old racks can provide spare parts, and that existing racks can be integrated into new racking systems problem-free, for example, during warehouse expansion as is the case at DWF, and during company relocation. Anchors, bolts, and similar fastening materials were replaced with new construction parts. Columns, frames, arms and supporting surfaces, however, can be easily reused. OHRA provides their customers with comprehensive advice about how to do this, giving their OHRA racks a “second life”.


About DWF Baustoff-Fachhandel:

DWF Baustoff-Fachhandel GmbH was founded in Rheinsberg, Brandenburg, in 2007. By 2009, the company was already a cooperating partner of COBA, one of the leading trade partnerships in the roofing sector. Rolf Dammers oHG finally became an official partner of DWF in 2009. As well as its location in Berlin-Pankow, DWF itself also operates a branch in Eberswalde. The company offers a comprehensive range of building materials for roofs and façades, supplying roofers, carpenters, and roof plumbers. Builders and homeowners also receive in-depth consultation from DWF about all matters concerning roofs and façades.