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Gaigher + Penn


With More Space And Safety To Become A Full-Range Supplier

Gaigher + Penn, a specialist dealer in building materials for roofs and facades based in the north of Munich, has replaced the racks it previously used, some of which they welded themself, with a professional racking system from OHRA. Due to their load-bearing capacity, the cantilever racks not only offer an increase in storage capacity, but also significantly more safety for the employees. In addition, the integrated roof construction protects the goods from the weather. The new racking system also enabled the company to create space in the existing building for a comprehensive portfolio of sheet metal - underlining its claim to be a full-range supplier in the roof and façade sector.

Old Racks with Inflexible Sheet Metal Construction
The uprights of the previous racks were made of folded metal sheets. Although this construction method is cheap, it is susceptible to bumping, which can easily happen when a forklift truck is used for storage and retrieval. This quickly causes permanent damage to the sheet metal uprights, which endangers the load-bearing capacity of the racking and can lead to buckling. Moreover, as a self-build, no exact rack load could be specified, and load plates were not available. The system therefore no longer met Gaigher + Penn's occupational health and safety requirements. The partially self-welded construction also proved to be too inflexible for the retailer's wide range of products, as it did not allow for height adjustment of the storage levels.

Solid Steel Profiles Guarantee Lasting Stability
In the new racking system from OHRA, all load-bearing elements consist of solid hot-rolled steel profiles. In the event of jostling, they simply spring back and permanently retain their high load-bearing capacity. They also enable a slim design, the basis for compact storage on a small footprint. With an upright height of around 6,500mm, the racks offer four storage levels (including base level). The 1,200mm long cantilever arms can support up to 1,200 kilograms and are clipped in, so the height of the storage levels can be changed at any time and without tools. The cantilever arms are equipped with grating supports and thus enable continuous storage without invasive supports - Gaigher + Penn can thus very flexibly store laths in the racks as well as sheet metal or various smaller items. A roof around 3 metres deep, which is supported by the column uprights, protects the goods from precipitation.

More Items In The Same Space
Gaigher + Penn installed a total of five 18-metre long racking rows. They enable the storage of significantly more items in the same footprint as the old racking. This also allowed the company to free up space in the existing warehouse: Gaigher + Penn used it for further OHRA racking for the storage of sheet metal goods. As a result, the specialised dealer was now able to expand its range of products to include articles related to sheet metal supplies.

About Gaigher + Penn
Founded in 1908, Gaigher + Penn is today a full-range supplier of high-quality products for roofs and façades. The family-run company based in Munich currently employs ten people and generates a turnover of 5 million euros.