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cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized with roof
pallet racking system

Flexible storage capacities for long goods, pallets and lattice boxes

The Swiss construction company Gottlieb Müller has equipped its new warehouse for building materials, equipment and tools with cantilever and pallet racks from OHRA. A total of 16 pallet racks in the new warehouse provide space for pallets and lattice boxes, while cantilever racks both indoors and outdoors, some fitted with arm bridges and metal gratings, allow a flexible and mixed storage of long goods, pallets, lattice boxes and items without specialist loading equipment. The new warehouse not only supplies Gottlieb Müller AG, but also three other subsidiaries. The newly created high storage capacities, concentrated at one location, enable shorter routes and more streamlined logistics processes.

The Office of Gottlieb Müller in Rothrist has served as the operational platform for the company's building and civil engineering projects since the beginning of 2018. To store the variety of building materials and inventory efficiently, Gottlieb Müller decided to use two types of racks: The warehouse is essentially equipped with 16 * 3.5-metre-high and 8.45-metre-long pallet racks. Each pair of beams holds 3 euro pallets or lattice boxes weighing up to 1,000 kilograms each. Additional storage space in the building offers 7 * 3.64-metre-high, single sided cantilever racks. Some of them have arm bridges and gratings, so that in addition to long goods such as pipes or plates, load carriers of various dimensions can be stored without hampering supports. Further cantilever racks were set up outdoors; They are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanising. This is dominated by a 43.5-metre-long row of racks, whose uppermost cantilever arms are designed as roof arms: On each side they support a 2.7-metre-deep, slightly inclined roof. Thus, the stored wood building materials are protected from the direct influence of precipitation. The cantilever arms of all the racks have a load capacity of 1,200 kilograms per arm.

In total, next to long goods, approx. 2,000 pallets can be accommodated in the warehouse. Gottlieb Müller has already used racking systems from OHRA in the past. The company based in Kerpen near Cologne is the European market leader and a specialist for cantilever racks. In addition to the quality of the racks - the production of hot-rolled, solid-walled steel profiles enables high payloads and a slim design - Gottlieb Müller is also convinced of the expertise of the specialists from OHRA. They adapt each racking system to the special requirements and conditions of the respective customer on request.

About Gottlieb Müller:

Gottlieb Müller AG was founded in 1898 and now belongs to the Hallwyler AG. With its approximately 80 employees, the company mainly offers the execution of industrial and structural engineering, renovation and sewerage civil engineering. The company is based in Zofingen near Basel.