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HBK Dethleffsen GmbH


More space and faster delivery

The wood and construction materials retailer HBK Dethleffsen has completely restructured their entire warehouse at the Treia site. The new 5,000-square-metre warehouse was equipped with OHRA cantilever and pallet racks – thanks to a mobile cantilever rack unit and a drive-in rack from the "sister company" Galler, the storage capacity was increased and delivery was accelerated compared to the old warehouse. 

In the warehouse, the construction materials are commisioned according to the orders of craftsmen and private builders. Among the articles stored there, are various construction materials, materials such as 13-metres-long timbers and various bagged goods. To be able to offer customers the widest possible portfolio of goods, the main focus of the modernisation was an increase in storage capacity – until now, the articles were stored exclusively in wide aisle multi-line cantilever racks. 

Today, a 26-metre-long mobile rack system with 7-metre-high cantilever racks forms the heart of the warehouse. The mobile carriages have the racks mounted on them. If goods are needed from a specific location, the mobile carriages move apart and open the desired aisle. With such a system, the highest possible utilisation of space is possible; compared to conventional “rigid” racks, almost 100 per cent more storage capacity can be achieved. 

For the storage of pallets of insulating materials weighing up to 500 kilograms, the OHRA fitters have also installed two drive-in racks from the company Galler. Each 7.35-metre-high block consists of five lanes. This racking system allows the storage of several pallets in depth direction and provides optimum space utilisation. 

Two pallet racking systems complete the storage: A 27-metre-long and 7-metre-high rack with six storage levels is located inside the building. While outside, a 150-metre-long rack with five storage levels was installed, each pair of beams has a loading capacity of 4,500 kilograms. 

OHRA not only supplied and assembled the racking systems for the project, but also tested the load-bearing capacity of the floor and installed the rails and trolleys of the mobile rack system. The warehouse was completed in 2016, and since then HBK Dethleffsen's customers benefit from a wider range of products and a much faster delivery of goods.

About HBK Dethleffsen:

HBK Dethleffsen GmbH is a family business with a long history and tradition. Founded in 1738 in Flensburg by Christian Dehtleffsen, the company has always been transferred from father to son and is today managed by Hayo Dethleffsen in the eighth generation. With its 150 employees, the company generates an annual turnover of approximately 30 million euros. It has made a name nationwide as a construction materials specialist and supplies both customers from the craft sector as well as private builders and refurbishers in Schleswig-Holstein and southern Denmark