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Holz Herbst GmbH


storage of timber with a suction device
storage of timber
cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized

Pallet and Cantilever Racks for the Timber Trade

Less Damage Thanks to Hot-Rolled Rack Profiles at Holz Herbst

At the wood merchants Holz Herbst in Lüneberg, goods and racks were repeatedly damaged during the handling of wood products. With the new racks from OHRA, manufactured from solid-walled, hot-rolled steel profiles, the company has now been able to minimise this damage. At the same time, their solid construction has enabled higher racks with additional storage levels to be installed, thus increasing storage capacity.

Holz Herbst has established itself as a supplier for commercial wood processors, primarily carpentry businesses, with a high service quality. Thus the company supplies e.g. individually commissioned goods directly to the building site. The warehouse plays a key role in this. It not only houses the required inventory but also facilitates a smooth order picking process. However, the old warehousing facilities were no longer able to keep pace with the growing demands of clients in terms of quality of goods and speed of delivery. Due to the increasingly scare storage capacity the goods frequently had to be moved in order to access the required article. This was time consuming and repeatedly resulted in damage – not just to the goods but also to the racks themselves.

It is for this reason that Herbst equipped its storage areas with racks from OHRA. The company based in Kerpen, Germany, is specialised in rack systems, amongst other things, for the timber trade. In particular, it was the solid quality of the racks that convinced Holz Herbst. In contrast to racks from sheet metal, the hot-rolled steel profiles of the OHRA racks yield elastically without buckling - thus permanently retaining their load bearing capacity.

Holz Herbst equipped the first of three warehouses with OHRA racks back in 1993. This was followed in 1996 by the second warehouse, and in 2012 by the third. As Herbst stores a diverse range of goods from loose screws to 18 meter gluelam trusses, the company employs both OHRA cantilever racks with different arm lengths, as well as pallet racks with a shelf width of 2700 mm. The rows of racks are on average 36 meters long, and with a height of seven meters provide six storage levels.

Overall, with the OHRA rack systems, Holz Herbst was able to significantly increase storage capacity and simplify access to goods. At the same time damage too goods and racks was also significantly reduced. Expensive repairs to the rack facilities are now a thing of the past and safety in the warehouse can also be maintained in the event of careless forklift drivers.

About Holz Herbst

The Holz Herbst GmbH, with headquarters in Lüneberg, was founded back in 1865 – originally as a mobile steam sawmill. Today the company has 48 employees generating an annual turnover of around 11 million Euros. It primarily delivers to commercial customers within a radius of 75 kilometres of Lünenburg, supplying wood, wood products (such as parquet flooring, doors or wood fibre insulation) and auxiliary products.