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Coil by coil with more efficiency.

Coils made from a wide variety of (non-ferrous) metal sheets are the starting material from which Invesztál produces a wide variety of shapes and types of roofing and gutter systems. Until now, the company stored them on the floor or in a pallet rack that was not ideal for coil storage. The new, customised heavy-duty pallet racking from OHRA has enabled the company to reduce damage to the coils and make efficient use of space in a new warehouse.

Coils made of sensitive material.
At its site in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary, Invesztál produces, among other things, roof tile and trapezoidal sheet metal, fence rails and complete gutter systems. The starting material is a wide variety of coils and sheets: galvanised, coloured galvanised, made of aluminium. As the capacities in the previous warehouse were exhausted, the company built a new warehouse.

Customised shelf construction
The old storage concept with floor storage and a racking system that only partially matched the product repeatedly resulted in damage to the coils weighing up to 1,500 kilograms and caused high storage costs. Therefore, Invesztál decided to equip the new warehouse with specially adapted heavy-duty pallet racking from OHRA. For this purpose, the storage technology specialists from Kerpen supplied a 19.9m long rack, which was installed by the specialists from Invesztál and which offers five storage levels at a height of 6 metres, each with a beam load of 5000 kilograms. The robust pallet racks are made of hot-rolled quality steel profiles for high load capacities and safe handling. The height of the individual compartments can be adjusted in increments of 100 millimetres. The racking for Invesztál was dimensioned so that the coils can be stored safely on wooden pallets.

With the new racking system, Invesztál was able to realise a high storage capacity on the available space. In addition, access to the coils is easier, more reliable, and faster compared to the previous storage.