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Hue Socoda

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Stacked high on flexible cantilevers

Hue-Socoda, one of the leading distributors of wood panel materials in Brittany, has equipped the new warehouse at its new site in Langueux with a OHRA racking system: Thanks to the heavy-duty cantilever racks, the racking system with a height of nine metres could be achieved – and is more than twice as high as in the old warehouse. In addition, a mezzanine floor optimizes the area utilization in the warehouse: The small materials can be stored using minimal space on two floors. In the goods-in area the 90-centimetre-high bespoke buffer area also simplify the receipt of the supplied sheet material packs by forklifts. 

In 2017, Hue-Socoda moved to the new location. Although less total space is available on the site adjacent to the previous location, it was nevertheless possible to significantly expand storage capacities and improve logistics processes. The OHRA cantilever racks, which, thanks to their construction of solid-walled, hot-rolled steel profiles, enable a high load bearing capacity, contribute significantly to this: Thus, the storage height could be increased to nine metres – in the old warehouse, the rack system was only four metres high. This provides sufficient storage capacity to access all 1,200 items directly - including wood, melamine and laminate panels or doors. Thus, the entire inventory could be pooled in one building. Another important argument in favor of the OHRA cantilever racks was that the cantilever arms are not bolted together but simply hook (with a safety clip) into the racks. This means that the height of the individual storage levels can be changed without tools, for example if changes to the product portfolio require it. 

In addition, OHRA installed a mezzanine floor on which racks are placed on top and below, among items stored here are, edge veneer or fittings. This extension of the storage area by a further floor allows optimal use of the available space. 

To speed up the processes in the goods-in area, OHRA also supplied 90-centimetre bespoke buffer area tailored to Hue-Socoda's needs. The supplied sheet material packs are buffered on them, so they can quickly and easily be transported by the forklift trucks to the racking area.

All in all, OHRA's storage facilities have made it possible to use the available space efficiently, to simplify logistics processes and to offer employees optimal working conditions. This will certainly enable Hue-Socoda to meet its goal safely in the future too: to deliver its quality products within 24 hours.

About Hue-Socoda:

The roots of Hue-Socoda go back to 1932. Today, the company based in Langueux, Brittany, has around 90 employees and generates a turnover of 37 million euros. 35 own trucks ensure the fast delivery of the ordered goods. The product portfolio includes, among others, panels, laminates, melamine, parquet, doors and furniture components.