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Josef Schuberth & Söhne KG


pallet racking for high loads
pallet racking
pallet racking
pallet racking warehouse for construction material

High rack system for a building supplies superstore

Ideal use of storage space

When expanding its building supplies superstore in Melk, Austria, Joseph Schuberth & Söhne KG built a high-bay warehouse that ensures a high degree of utilization of the existing storage space. OHRA, the racking systems specialist based in Kerpen, Germany, installed eleven lanes of shelves, eight and a half of them as pallet racks, while two and a half were cantilever racks.

Here, long materials for the timber, civil engineering, gardening and landscaping sectors, as well as heavy goods from the natural stone or concrete block ranges are stored. Additionally, depending on the season, articles from the building supplies superstore, such as lawn mowers, are stocked.

To provide the best possible place for these varied articles, the pallet shelves were designed with different compartment widths, ranging between 2,200 mm and 4,000 mm. The shelf loads are between 3,000 kg and 4,800 kg. There is room for around 7,000 pallets on seven storage levels, with the top level at a height of 9 metres. Bulky long items are stored in the cantilever rack lanes, each of which is 28.5 metres long. The shelves are equipped with 1,200-mm long cantilevers; each of them carries up to 800 kilograms. The cantilevers of OHRA shelves are hung horizontally in the frames and not bolted or welded. This keeps the hinged arm flexible so it can deflect in the event of impact. The rack frames are stamped in a 100-mm grid so that they can be quickly adapted to changing stock conditions – without using any tools at all.

In addition to the high rack-clad warehouse, Schuberth has also set up an open warehouse with cantilever and pallet racks from OHRA. At the same time, the galvanized columns also serve as supporting elements for a roof: Single-sided rows of shelves were fitted with a lean-to roof, double-sided rows with a gable roof. OHRA's range of services also includes the static calculations made necessary by wind and snow loads. The shelves were adapted to Schuberth's individual requirements with a variety of accessories such as separating frames, frame protectors, beams and grids.

Since the beginning of 2012, Schuberth has been benefiting from a significantly higher storage capacity. "The overview is also improved and it is easy to handle the goods much more quickly", explains Managing Director Heinz Schuberth. "As a full-range supplier in the building materials sector, Schuberth is known for a high level of availability and speed in processing - the modern high-bay warehouse is the key element in our goods logistics."

About Schuberth

Josef Schuberth & Söhne KG, founded in 1935, currently operates two building supplies superstores at its locations in Melk (the first branch of the major "Hagebaumarkt" chain in Austria), and in Wieselburg. The company employs around 180 staff and has sales of € 40m in Austria. When expanding the store in Melk in 2011, the building materials market was modernized and extended to a building materials centre of excellence. The building materials superstore and the garden centre were also greatly expanded. An Intersport store and a Vedes toy shop complete the facility.