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More space in the third dimension

The Hungarian building materials dealer Lambda Systems has expanded its storage capacities with both pallet and cantilever racks from OHRA. As the warehouse floor space could not be extended, the company has made use of the available roof height for storage by installing individually adapted pallet and cantilever racks. Thus, not only was it possible to increase storage capacity, but also to create more space for truck loading, speed up warehouse processes, present merchandise more clearly and improve the working conditions for the warehouse workers.

Since its foundation 25 years ago, Lambda has become one of the most important building materials dealers in Hungary. In addition to various building materials, the company primarily offers facade systems, solutions for ceiling and drywall construction as well as HVAC technology. The increasing demand required an expansion of the storage capacities on the existing storage area. Lambda opted to extend upwards.

With OHRA's customised pallet racks, it was possible to create a second storage level: Five rows of racks, each measuring 10.6 to 12 metres in length, with a height of 3,580 millimetres—which nearly mirrors the beam height—provide space for insulating materials such as mineral and glass wool. With the help of the racks, the storage volume can now be used almost entirely to the ceiling of the hall. 2.2-metre-wide aisles allow quick access to all racks. Three additional pallet rack rows provide additional space for palletised goods. 

For space-saving storage of the long goods—for example drywall profiles—Lambda has also installed various galvanised external cantilever racks from OHRA. The upright height of 4,240 or 4,840 millimetres also offers a good utilisation of the available floor space. 

Overall, the racking systems convinced Lambda to use OHRA due to their customer-specific configuration and the high load capacity. Since all load-bearing elements of OHRA racking systems are made of solid-walled steel profiles, a slim design with a high load capacity is possible. For example, the bay load of the pallet racks installed at Lambda is up to 22.5 tons, that of the individual cantilever arms is 450 kilograms.