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cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized
cantilever racking galvanized

Easier handling of heavy pipes

The Czech company Mebatex, which manufactures rollers for the textile machine industry at its site in Brno, has expanded the capacity of its external space using cantilever racks from OHRA. Previously, the steel pipes, which form the primary material for the rollers, were stored on the ground. By using the heavy-duty cantilever racks, the "third dimension" is now available, allowing for the storage of significantly more material in the same area. At the same time, accessing the relevant tubing is quicker and the stock overview is improved. 

Mebatex has an extensive product portfolio and therefore a wide range of pipes for manufacturing the rollers are held in stock. New products, and the growing business eventually demanded more storage capacity for the steel, stainless steel and thick-walled pipes. For this reason, the company decided to change the previous ground storage to storing pipes and tube bundles in cantilever racks from OHRA. 

The cantilever system from OHRA impressed with its robustness and stability. Because OHRA exclusively manufactures all load bearing elements of the cantilever racks from hot rolled steel profiles, they offer a high bearing capacity and at the same time a slim design. In addition, OHRA adapted the cantilever racks exactly to the requirements of Mebatex, to ensure that the different tubes can be stored safely and efficiently. OHRA also installed two rows of single sided cantilever racks with a total length of more than 92 metres on the external area. 

At a height of 3.710 mm, the racks offer up to five storage levels, each cantilever column has a load capacity of 4.4 tons. As, the individual cantilever arms are clipped in and not screwed to the columns, the number and spacing of the storage levels can be adjusted easily without requiring any tools. Each of the 1.800 mm long cantilever arms carries a load of up to 1.100 kg. 

By equipping the outside storage with OHRA cantilever racks, Mebatex can store significantly more raw material for its roller manufacturing. In addition, compared to the previous ground storage, the required pipes can be accessed much quicker, which in turn increases the efficiency in the overall production process. The time previously required for relocating the reinforcements and armouring no longer applies and the entire handling was greatly simplified. At the same time, storing the material in cantilever racks provides a much clearer overview of the inventory.

About Mebatex s.r.p.:

Mebatex s.r.o. manufactures rollers for the textile machine industry. The company was founded in 1995 by Brugman Maschinenfabrik bn Holland and Brigitte and Guntram Schneider associates in Brno, Czech Republic. At first, only simple guiding rollers were produced, the final processing was carried out in the Netherlands. Over the years, additional production steps in roller manufacturing were added, until both complete guiding rollers and wringing rollers could be fully manufactured in Brno. At the same time, construction parts made from stainless steel, such as washing and dyeing boxes and various types of tanks, started to be welded and mounted. In 2003, Brigitte and Guntram Schneider gained the shares of Brugman Maschinenfabrik.  During the subsequent years, the entire machine park was renovated or further expanded.  Currently, Mebatex s.r.o. employs approximately 40 employees, and has built up the position of a competent and reliable supplier of machines not just for textile industry but also for other sectors.