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Mundinger Transport GmbH


Consistently Tuned for Speed

Mundinger Transport, specialist steel forwarders for metal bar distribution, consistently relies on integrated material handling with forklift trucks in its new warehouse in Rudersberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg. "The cranes used in most long goods warehouses are often a bottleneck for efficient intralogistics," is the experience of Managing Director Dietmar Wiedmann. "If, on the other hand, all logistics processes are carried out with the forklift truck, we have a very flexible and efficient system." Since Mundinger Transport also separates, bundles, packs and even saws the bar material for its customers on an order-by-order basis, efficiency in material handling is of particular importance. Wiedmann adds: "In addition, by increasing the number of forklifts used, it is very easy to increase the handling capacity of the warehouse - this is not possible with cranes."

Warehouse Designed Around Standard Forklifts

Therefore, the use of forklifts formed the basis for the concept of the new long goods warehouse: Bright and stainless steels should be stored in long formats as well as coil lengths of 3 to 6 metres in cantilever racks. In this way, the forklift can be used to access individual articles quickly and in a targeted manner. Standard forklifts of the 5-tonne class that can comfortably move a load of up to 4 tonnes should be used. Each rack should be able to be filled with a forklift truck to keep the processes as simple as possible. Wiedmann set 5.5 metres as the safe lifting height to achieve.

40 Tonnes Field Load

This sets the basic conditions for the cantilever racking system: Top storage level at 5.25 metres, ten storage levels, arm level load 4 tonnes, rack load 40 tonnes. "Only a few racking manufacturers have standard racking for these high loads in their range," says Wiedmann. OHRA, however, was able to offer a suitable concept. Thanks to the use of solid hot rolled steel profiles for all load-bearing elements, the cantilever racks from the Kerpen-based company have an enormous load-bearing capacity. "The 50mm pitch of the clip in arms was also very important for us," adds Wiedmann. "This allows us to adjust the arm heights very precisely to the actual height of the bundles. This means we store correspondingly less air or we can minimise the required lifting heights - every centimetre saved reduces the time needed for handling."

40 Percent More Effective

In Mundinger Transport's new warehouse, a total of ten rows of single- and double-sided cantilever racks up to 74 metres long now provide space for a current stock of 6,500 tonnes of long steel goods. Storage in the cantilever racks provides a good overview of the stored goods. Together with precise access to the individual items, errors during delivery are minimised. Compared to a floor storage system, the easier handling also significantly reduces damage to the goods. Above all, however, the warehouse enables highly efficient storage processes: "Compared to a typical long goods warehouse served by a crane, our staff deployment is around 40 per cent more effective," says Wiedmann. Even deliveries at short notice can be carried out without any issues - as a rule, Mundinger Transport delivers orders within 24 hours. And the delivering trucks also benefit from the warehouse being tuned for speed, as Wiedmann points out: "With us, drivers wait a maximum of 60 minutes until their trucks are unloaded."

About Mundinger Transport:

Mundinger Transport GmbH specialises in contract logistics in the field of high-quality bright and stainless steels in long formats and coil lengths. Mit über 30 Fahrzeugen übernimmt das Unternehmen mit Sitz in Rudersberg den Transport von Stabmaterial in beliebiger Länge, den Umschlag von Langgut ohne Begrenzung sowie die Feinverteilung und Vorholung insbesondere im süddeutschen Raum. With more than 30 vehicles, the company based in Rudersberg takes on the transport of bar material in any length, the handling of long goods without limitation, as well as fine distribution and pre-collection, especially in southern Germany.
 Mundinger Transport is one of only two specialist steel forwarding companies for bar material distribution in Germany with this special range of services.