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Pasito Blanco

In a dry place

In the Marina Seca on Gran Canaria boats can “hibernate” dry and safely on OHRA racks

The Canary Islands are certainly among the most exciting sailing areas under European jurisdiction. The Gulf Stream and a warm wind from the Sahara provide a mild summer climate throughout the year. A popular base for trips through the Canary Islands is Pasito Blanco on Gran Canaria – just two kilometers from the tourist centre of Maspalomas. The local marina offers 388 berths for boats up to 40 metres in length – and numerous services for yacht and crew. 

This includes the possibility to “store” one’s boat safely and dry if one can not use it for a longer period of time. For this reason, at the beginning of 2018, Marina Seca installed an OHRA racking system: More than 80 boats up to 7 metres in length and 3 tons in weight can be accommodated on the facility. In contrast to boats that stay in the water all year round, the owners save themselves complex conservation and antifouling measures by storing them in a dry place. 

The racking system is based on OHRA pallet racks, which have been adapted to the specific requirements of the marina and tailored to the dimensions of the boats. For larger boats three double-row shelf lines were installed. The two-storey shelves offer a storage depth of 3.8 metres. In order to be able to store jet skis and smaller boats in a space-saving manner a three-storey, single-row shelf line has also been installed. The decisive criterion for the Marina to rely on OHRA's shelf construction was the quality of the materials used and its robustness: OHRA uses only solid, hot-rolled standard structural steels for the load-bearing elements of its racks. This not only ensures the necessary carrying capacity, but also defies the harsh marine climate in Pasito Blanco. The additional hot-dip galvanising ensures that the racks do not lose their load capacity even after years of outdoor use and do justice to the well-kept appearance of the stored boats. And when it's time to head out to the sailing area, just call the Marina and the boat will be launched for new sailing trips.

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