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cantilever racking systems, gratings
cantilever racking systems, gratings
cantilever racking systems, gratings
cantilever racking systems, gratings

More capacity and overview

In the new production facilities of Ronge Profil GmbH in Alfeld, a town near Hannover, 300 to 400 tons of sheet metal needed to produce metal façade elements are stocked in cantilever racking from OHRA. With their high load capacities and a column height of 7,270 mm, the racks offer significantly higher storage capacity than was possible in the racking system used at the old location. Metal gratings on the cantilever arms enable flexible warehousing of a wide variety of sheet metal formats and load carriers. In addition, Ronge Profil was able to reduce costs for storage and retrieval of the sheet metal elements. 

The warehouse solution used at the old location of Ronge Profil no longer fitted in with the concept of the modern production warehouse, designed in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards. Due to the relatively low storage capacities that the old system offered, double allocations of individual storage locations were necessary – not only did this hinder storage and retrieval, it also made it more difficult to obtain an overview of the stored sheet metal elements. 

For fast access to the sheet metal elements, with dimensions of 1,000 x 2,000 mm and 2,000 x 6,000 mm, Ronge Profil decided to install cantilever racking from OHRA. OHRA's racking systems are differentiated from the standard, by using hot rolled solid wall steel profiles for all bearing elements. This is the basis for the high load capacity and slender design of the racks, which enables compact storage on a small floor area. 

Today, a total of seven single-sided cantilever racks between 3.6 and 76.5 meters in length stand in Ronge Profil's modern production hall. With 10 storage levels – the highest at a height of 6,800 mm – they offer adequate storage capacities for flexibly supplying production with the necessary sheet metal elements. Double allocations are no longer required – this means that the effort and expense for storage and retrieval are reduced. 

Individual consulting through the OHRA experts helped in adapting the racking individually to the requirements of Ronge Profil. Thus, it was possible to tailor the racking to the building dimensions and achieve the greatest possible storage capacity. In this regard the metal gratings enable flexible storage of different sheet metal formats, bulky parts and non-standardized load carriers. 

About Ronge Profil

Ronge Profil GmbH is an independent, owner-managed, family business with more than 40 years of experience. The company headquartered in Alfeld near Hannover is one of the leading manufacturers of metal and aluminum curtain facades and facade systems in the German-speaking countries. Automated processes and workflows in the new 7,000 square meter production hall ensure high profitability in the production of individual facade projects. Thanks to defined standards Ronge Profil can always manufacture facades, parts, and components in the requisite and reproducible quality and deliver on schedule.