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pallet racking, double sided, galvanized
pallet racking, galvanized
pallet racking, galvanized
cantilever racking, galvanized
cantilever racking, galvanized
cantilever racking, galvanized

Schönreiter: Plenty of space for an extended product range

Schönreiter Building Materials, the specialist dealer based in Essenbach, Landshut, has extended its range of goods with superstructure and shell construction materials, as well as timbers. The company has created the storage capacity necessitated by this expansion with the help of OHRA cantilever and pallet racks in indoor and outdoor areas. The combination of rack types makes very flexible storage of the different building materials possible. Rack heights of over 7,500mm mean that the new goods can be stored in a very space-saving manner.

Schönreiter expanded its company premises in 2017 following continuous development of its product range over recent years, in order to create storage capacity for a new product portfolio with building materials for building companies, and wood and wood-based materials for carpentry firms. As the company already had OHRA racking systems installed and was satisfied with the advice given, the assembly and the delivery reliability, Schönreiter has fitted the new storage area with OHRA racking too.

The company decided on a combination of cantilever and pallet racks: This allows a wide variety of articles to be stored flexibly. The racks were precisely tailored to the requirements of the product range. For example, the 7,510mm high cantilever racks have five storage levels which allow three pallets with insulation material to be stacked on top of each other. Heavy goods can be stored without any problems on Euro-pallets in the pallet racks thanks to the 4,500kgs capacity per pair of beams. 

In the previous warehouse, many products were still stored in block storage. This consumed a great deal of space since some of the goods could not be stacked. Moreover, a First-in/First-out storage system always meant a high additional effort. The goods can now be accommodated in a space-saving way and still always be easily accessible. 

During the set-up of the system, OHRA impressed with its reliable, punctual delivery and assembly. The assembly team proved itself to be flexible, given the unpredictable weather conditions, once the newly concreted areas were durable enough for installation of the racking, did not allow completion in the scheduled order.

About Schönreiter Building Materials:

Schönreiter Group is a family business with over 65 years’ experience as a trade and service company for building and modernisation. Schönreiter employs more than 250 workers at its Essenbach (Landshut), Grafing (München) and Tacherting sites. Rather than a full range retailer, the company is a multi-specialist, focusing on skilled artisans, private builders and modernisers, as well as developers, and is one of the leading specialist building material dealers in Bavaria. Schönreiter is one of the most important partners of Eurobaustoff, Europe’s largest specialist dealing and purchasing cooperations, and is a member of the BMV GmbH & Co. KG alliance.