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Seuner Fabricados


cantilever racking double-sided
cantilever racking double-sided, guiding rails
cantilever racking double-sided, small aisle racking
cantilever racking double-sided, guiding rails
cantilever racking double-sided

Versatile storage capacities for lathe components

The Spanish company Seuner Fabricados installed a new OHRA racking system for the storage of lathe components. The central task was to create high storage capacities for differently dimensioned components, which are stored on company-specific load carriers. This was solved by 8.58-metre-high cantilever racks, which offer both continuous storage levels and space for long goods. 

Seuner is part of the CMZ Machinery Group, a leading manufacturer of CNC lathes in Europe. The factory near Bilbao has a storage area for CMZ lathes. These components have different dimensions and weights. These are transported and stored in the factory in standardised load carriers. A “standard” racking solution was not considered when installing the new warehouse. Together with the experts from OHRA, the company developed a racking system that combined the necessary flexibility with the best possible use of space and thus with large warehouse capacities. 

A total of seven cantilever racks with lengths between 15.1 and 22.5 metres were installed. In contrast to pallet racks, cantilever racks allow the storage of articles with different widths, since there are no interfering intermediate uprights. At the same time, Seuner can also store bars or similar long goods in the rack system. Since all load-bearing elements of OHRA racking systems consist of solid steel profiles, the construction of a narrow storage system with a high load-bearing capacity is possible. Each side of the racks, which were installed for Seuner, carries a weight of 3,280 kilograms per side, while cantilever arms with a length of 1.15 metres have a load-bearing capacity of 820 kilograms. The guide rails attached to the racks allow the use of a forklift truck for narrow aisles. In addition, Seuner installed several OHRA pallet racks with five storage levels and bay widths of 3 and 4 metres. The SWL capacity per bay is 3,000 and 4,000 kilograms.

Seuner is convinced of the quality of the racks and the professionalism of the OHRA consultation. Thanks to these new racking systems, it was possible to create a storage area with high load-bearing capacity, which offers the best possible use of the available storage space and combines robustness and flexibility. 

About Seuner Fabricados:
Seuner Fabricados S.L., based in Mallabia near Bilbao belongs to the CMZ Machinery Group. CMZ has been building machine tools since 1948 and today is the market leader in CNC lathes in Spain and one of the leading suppliers in Europe. Near Bilbao, modern CNC machines are developed, produced and assembled in the four plants of the group. A very high level of production depth guarantees high quality and precision in all components.