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Each pressing tool has its own place

For the safe storage of its thermoforming tools, Solvaro, a manufacturer of perforated sheet metal components, has installed heavy-duty racks from OHRA at its headquarters in Szekszárd, Hungary. The racking compartments can be individually designed to the dimensions of each of the tools weighing up to seven tonnes. Thanks to the customised rack construction, the valuable thermoforming tools are always protected from damage. As each tool has a fixed place, it can be quickly and easily removed from the rack and transported to the thermoforming press.

Thermoforming tools are cost-intensive custom-made products; the investment for a tool quickly reaches a six-figure amount. This is because each thermoforming tool is individually designed and manufactured for each sheet metal component ordered by the customer. The finished thermoforming tools must also be used efficiently in series production with the shortest possible set-up times.

For this reason, Solvaro has built a state-of-the-art warehouse to store the thermoforming tools for its customers. The new special rack was designed by OHRA in such a way that the locations in the rack can be individually designed for the tool size. In this way, each tool has its own fixed place, which simplifies access. OHRA installed a total of two double-deep racks and one single-deep rack. The racks are between 9 and 11 metres long and 5.5 metres high, the beam loads are between 6,000 and 7,000 kilograms.

Compared to the alternative storage on the floor, Solvaro can store significantly more thermoforming tools on the available space with the new racking system. More important, however, is the direct, fast access to each tool: A special forklift truck from Combilift, purchased specifically for the thermoforming tools, can easily lift the heavy tools out of the rack and drive them directly to the thermoforming press. At the same time, the thermoforming tool is always protected from damage thanks to the customised rack construction.