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van Deuveren



The Dutch timber trading company van Deuveren opted for racking systems from OHRA for the construction of its new company headquarters. In addition to the technical features, the main deciding factor was the possibility of customising the colour of the racks. The façade design of the various buildings and the interior and exterior racks form a harmonious unit thanks to repeating colours, reflecting the modernity and quality of the services provided by "Houthandel van Deuveren". 

Founded 25 years ago, the company is one of the leading distributors of wood products in the Overijssel region. As the previous location had reached its limits, the storage capacity could no longer be expanded and access was difficult due to the location in a residential area, van Deuveren decided to move to the new company headquarters in Dedemsvaart.

Proven Racking System

Due to the positive experience van Deuveren had already had with racking from OHRA, the new company headquarters was also equipped with racking systems from the European market leader for cantilever racking. OHRA manufactures the rack uprights and cantilever arms from solid-walled, hot-rolled IPE steel profiles, which means that the cantilever racks remain permanently stable even when fully utilised and ensure a high level of safety for staff and customers. OHRA always manufactures the racks individually according to the customer's requirements - at van Deuveren this applied not only in terms of dimensions and load-bearing capacity, but also in terms of colour. 

Anthracite, Fire Red Or Light Grey

The racks for the outdoor area were painted in the colour RAL 7016 "anthracite". They pick up on the colour scheme of the façade of the buildings between which they are positioned. The window frames of the halls and the steel structure of the main building are painted in RAL 3000 "fire red". This hue is repeated on the racks inside this part of the building. The racking is light grey (RAL 7035) in a third complex, where products are stored primarily around the roof and façade. 

Universal Design Or Signalling Effect

OHRA offers its racking in the colours RAL 5015, 2002, 3000, 6011 and 7035 as standard, but other colours are also available as options. The colours are applied in the form of a high-quality powder coating, which protects the material and is significantly more durable than a wet paint finish. "Companies are increasingly opting for a customised colour scheme," says Berry Vanneer, Sales Manager OHRA Netherlands. This allows the corporate design to be taken up and a harmonious overall image to be generated for customers and visitors. But it's not just design reasons that speak in favour of an individual colour scheme, there are also practical benefits, as Berry Vanneer reports: "Companies also use different coloured racks, for example, to indicate different load-bearing capacities of the racks or as signposts for logistics."