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cantilever racking system, galvanized
cantilever racking system, galvanized
cantilever racking system, galvanized

Wienerberger: Strong arms for armouring

The Wienerberger Group, which is part of Wienerberger s.r.o. whose headquarters in Budweis, Czech Republic (České Budějovice) were able to significantly increase the efficiency of their external space for armouring using the cantilever racks from OHRA. Previously, the reinforcements and reinforcement steels were stored on the floor. By using the particularly robust and stable cantilever racks, both the capacity of the external yard could be increased, and access to the required materials was sped up, thus improving the stock overview.

Wienerberger s.r.o. manufactures components of the Porotherm clay brick system in six plants in the Czech Republic. This also includes lintels and ceiling beams for Porotherm brick ceilings. Previously, the steel reinforcements and armouring needed for their production were stored on the floor in the external yard. This storage system not only used up a lot of space, but also made quick access to the right materials difficult.

To make the logistics and thus production processes more efficient, Wienerberger installed cantilever racks from OHRA with a total length of 64 meters on the outside premises. The racking system from OHRA impressed with its robustness and stability: Because OHRA exclusively manufactures all load bearing elements of the cantilever racks from solid-walled steel profiles, they offer a high bearing capacity and at the same time a slim design. In addition, OHRA adapted the cantilever racks exactly to the requirements of Wienerberger to ensure that a variety of different items of different dimensions can be stored safely and efficiently.

At a height of 4.540 mm, the rack offers up to ten storage levels. As, the individual cantilever arms are securely clipped and not bolted to the frames, the number and spacing of the storage levels can be adjusted easily without requiring any tools. Each of the 1.200 mm long cantilever arms carries a load of up to 660 kg.


By equipping the external storage with OHRA cantilever racks, Wienerberger s.r.o. achieved a significantly quicker availability of the materials required for the relevant production. The time previously required for relocating the reinforcements and armouring no longer applies and the entire handling was greatly simplified. At the same time, storing the material in cantilever racks provides a much clearer overview of the inventory.


About Wienerberger s.r.o.:

Wienerberger s.r.o. has been active in the Czech Republic since 1992 and is part of the Wienerberger Group. Wienerberger produces and sells ecological and economical clay materials for the entire building envelopeand with 201 production sites group-wide in 30 countries, it is the largest brick manufacturer in the world. The Czech subsidiary has its registered office in Budweis (České Budějovice) from where it controls the manufacturing and sales of the various products used in the Porotherm system for building construction. Porotherm bricks for outdoor and indoor masonry, clipped-in bricks and Porotherm ceiling beams are manufactured in six plants. For the more sophisticated client, they offer facing bricks, Terca cladding and Penter brick paving.