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OHRA cantilever racking Robust and space-saving storage systems

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Cantilever racking 001

Optimal racking for long goods

Cantilever racking systems are the ideal load-bearing storage systems for goods such as timber, metal sheets, beams or other building materials. But their strength makes them also suitable for heavier loads such as scrap vehicles.

OHRA cantilever racking uses solid steel sections for a slimmer construction of all load-bearing elements. This means higher storage capacity across a smaller floor space compared to other standard racking systems.

Flexible and bespoke

We design and build our cantilever racks individually according to customer specifications. This means you get the ideal height, usable depth, load-bearing capacity and section thickness required for your needs. From small racks for light loads to complete rack clad buildings, our comprehensive service ensures we take care of everything, including design and measurement and racking assembly.


Built to last

Our cantilever racks are manufactured from robust, full-core hot-rolled steel profiles. This guarantees high loading capacity, operational safety and a long lifespan. All load-bearing columns, bases and arms are powder coated RAL 5015 as standard (other standard RAL colours are available), and outdoor racks are hot-dip galvanised for protection against outdoor elements.

OHRA cantilever racking advantages

  • Racking uprights and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel sections
  • Clipped-in, height-adjustable arms
  • High-quality powder coating for indoor storage
  • Hot-dip galvanised design for outdoor storage
  • Outdoor applications can include roof, back wall and rain gutter

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The movable cantilever arm

cantilever racking system for storing timber
Cantilever racking for storing chipboard. Double-sided, powder-coated.
Cantilever racking for timber storage
Cantilever racking system for storing wood. Narrow aisle warehouse with guide rails for forklifts.
Cantilever racking for coils
Cantilever racking system for coils. Load capacity up to 15 tons per arm.
Cantilever racking for the storage of timber
Cantilever racking for the storage of wooden panels. Neat storage with direct access.
Cantilever racking system for storing steel
Cantilever racks in a steel service center. High loads for sheet metal and profiles.
Cantilever racking system for car recycling
Cantilever racking systems for the storage of end-of-life vehicles at a car recycling company. Space for 4 cars on top of each other.

Heavy duty cantilever racking

Heavy loads are a challenge, but not for OHRA cantilever racking. The strength and durability of our racking system makes light of even the heaviest loads.

With standard arm loads of up to 2,500 kg and support loads of up to more than 10,000 kg our cantilever racks can handle slabs, metal sheets, wood packages, coils or heavy long boards. Our experts will develop an ideal solution for your storage demands - indoor or outdoor - and our racking complies with all applicable standards.

OHRA racking - complex storage made simple and safe

We solve complex storage situations by using a comprehensive range of accessories or by creating bespoke solutions, such as guiding rails. For example, with an OHRA cantilever arm rack, products can be directly accessed, stored and retrieved either by crane, forklift truck, VNA truck or stacker crane. You can rely on our racks to remain permanently stable, ensuring safety for your staff and customers.

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Light duty cantilever racking

In some trades, such as the aluminium or plastics trade, loads moved and stored are very light. However, as with heavy duty racking, it's essential to find smart solutions that make the best use of available space. Our light duty cantilever racks are built to offer the ideal technical solution based on your requirements and specifications.

Manually-operated cantilever racking

Hand-operated rack found in carpentry shops and also in the drywall construction and metal processing industries are ideal for picking individual plates or sections, for keeping racks neat and tidy, and for supporting the production process. We can build manually-operated cantilever racks configured to your specific rack height, depth and arm loads. The racking is delivered with all mounting and fixing elements, as well as floor anchors. We can also equip racks with a trolley base, casters or shelves for total mobility.

OHRA light load cantilever racking advantages

  • Customised to your specifications
  • Clipped-in, height-adjustable arms
  • Easy handling
  • Large selection of standard accessories

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Cantilever racking for storing steel
Cantilever racking for storing metal rings. Coils and wire rings can also be stored.
Cantilever racking system for storing metal
Double-sided cantilever racking system for the storage of long goods. Can be implemented as a continuous storage level with arm bridges.
Galvanized cantilever racking system for outdoor storage
Cantilever racking system, galvanized, for the external warehouse. Also available with roof and wall on request.
Cantilever racking system for external storage
Cantilever racking system for external storage. Double-sided design. Also available with roof and wall on request.
Cantilever racking systems for aluminum
Cantilever racking systems for the storage of aluminum profiles. Optimal storage of long goods on a small area.
Cantilever racking system steel storage
Cantilever racking system with arm bridges. Continuous storage area without interfering intermediate supports.

Cantilever racking with roof
Double-sided cantilever racking with roof. The goods are stored protected.
cantilever racking system with roof
Cantilever racking system with a large roof area. The long goods are protected from rain.
Cantilever racking system with a monopitch roof
Cantilever racking system with pent roof. Open storage in the outdoor area with optimal rain protection.
cantilever racking system with roof
Cantilever racking system with roof, galvanized. Storage of sewer pipes and other building materials.
Cantilever racking system with roof and cladding wall
Cantilever racking system with roof and side panels. Optimal protection from rain with simultaneous ventilation.
Cantilever racking system with roof
Cantilever racking system with roof. The PVC roofing ensures brightness in the wood store.

Roofed cantilever racking

Roofed cantilever racking is ideal for long goods stored outdoors. We can help you calculate the dimensions of your racked sections and roof, taking into account any necessary weather considerations. We can also help provide the information you need to obtain building permits.

Functional storage for outdoor areas

Our outdoor cantilever racking uses either high-quality hot-dip galvanised steel or powder-coated materials, depending on the outdoor location. We can provide drainage and back wall/side wall designs made of metal sheets or wood boards, weather protection nets or roller shutter systems. Roofing inclines can be individually adjusted according to the drainage system and forklift truck requirements. Whatever your outdoor space, we can deliver the ideal storage solution.

OHRA roofed cantilever racking advantages

  • Racking uprights and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel sections
  • Clipped-in, height-adjustable arms
  • Hot-dip galvanised outdoor storage design
  • Outdoor storage options include roof, walls and water drainage system
  • Design specs provided for obtaining building permits

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Mobile cantilever racks

Make the most of your available storage space with mobile cantilever racks. Our mobile racks can double your storage capacity, and are an ideal solution for storing bulky goods with low frequency of access - without compromising on safety. Our mobile racks are mounted on floor-installed traversal carriages of up to 70m, and can be operated and opened manually or by remote control. 

OHRA mobile racking advantages

  • Increase storage capacity by up to 100%
  • Remote control or manually operated
  • Mobile rails can be installed in existing buildings
  • Conforms to safety standards BGR 234 and CE

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Effective warehouse systems by RBB Aluminium

Mobile racking system
Mobile cantilever racking. The robust cantilever racks are mounted on trolleys and are driven electrically. Compact storage on a small footprint.
mobile racking system in a timber wholesale warehouse
Cantilever mobile racking system at a timber dealer in Austria. The goods are stored protected. The racking move apart at the push of a button where goods are to be stored or removed.
Mobile cantilever racking
The principle of the movable cantilever racking in 3-D optics.
Mobile cantilever racking system
Movable cantilever racks at an aluminum processor. Lots of goods on a small footprint. At the push of a button, the trolleys move apart where they are to be stored or removed.
Mobile cantilever racking system
Open aisle in a mobile cantilever racking system. At the push of a button, only the aisle opens where you want to store or remove goods. Electronic drive.
Mobile cantilever racking system
Movable cantilever racking at a wood processor. Only the aisle from which you want to pick or store is always open.

Cantilever racking, mezzanine on cantilever rack
An ideal combination of racking system and mezzanine floor. Thanks to the hot-rolled steel profiles, high loads can be absorbed. Store below, process above or pick orders.
Cantilever racking mezzanine floor
Custom order. Robust mezzanine with high loads, mounted on a cantilever racking. Not many profiles can do that.
Cantilever racking mezzanine floor
Mezzanine on cantilever racking. At the front with transfer station and sliding gate.
Cantilever racking mezzanine floor
Combination of mezzanine and cantilever racking system. Complete with railing and steel stairs.
Cantilever racking mezzanine floor
Mezzanine on cantilever racking at a steel dealer. Many storage and picking options.

Cantilever rack mezzanine floors

Our space-saving, multi-level storage platforms create an ideal order-picking storage system - from floor to ceiling - to suit any floorspace. Flexible cantilever racking ensures stored material remains directly accesible and efficiently processed, without time-consuming transport routes.

OHRA cantilever rack mezzanine floors advantages

  • Racking uprights and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel sections
  • Clipped-in, height-adjustable arms
  • Ideal for long goods picking warehouse
  • Best use of space

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Cantilever racking with inclined arms

Inclined arm racks make it easy to store long materials gathered by forklift or crane. Our cantilever arm racks have a 20-degree incline and have load-bearing capacity of up to 800kg per arm.

OHRA inclined arm racking advantages

  • Racking uprights and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel sections
  • Robust, hooked-in inclined arms
  • Standard accessories include locking pins and shelves

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Cantilever racking with inclined arms
Long goods storage in cantilever racking. The cantilever arms have an incline of 20 °.

Cantilever racking system with inclined arms
Suitable for storing long goods such as aluminum profiles and handling with a overhead crane.
Cantilever racking with inclined arms
Long goods profile storage. The handling is done by crane.

Cantilever racking for storing tiles
Optimal presentation and storage of tiles and stone slabs.
tile racking 05
Sketch of a tile presentation racking
tile racking 02
Double-sided tile presentation racking with pedestal
tile racking 03
Storage racking system at a tile dealer. Clear storage of tiles
tile racking 04
Inclined presentation area, including storage of packages

Complete tiles presentation rack

Regularly seen in DIY and hardware stores, our robust and easy to assemble cantilever racks display tiles, laminate and parquet flooring. The standard height is 2650 mm and rack length is 2800 mm, so three Euro-pallets can be stored in a row.

OHRA tapered racking advantages

  • Racking uprights and cantilever arms made of solid, hot-rolled IPE steel sections
  • Clipped-in 20° display area
  • High-quality powder coating

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Technical details

State-of-the-art arm characteristics:

OHRA cantilever arms feature a patented boltless slot-in assembly that ensures arms can be repositioned in a second. A unique arm-to-upright connection allows the arm to move freely in the event of impact, avoiding damage to arms, uprights and stored materials.

Key features:

  • High-grade forged steel column connectors guarantee a high load-bearing capacity
  • The boltless horizontal column insertion avoids contact with adjacent storage levels when adjusting arm heights, reducing remodelling and assembly downtime by up to 100%. 
  • OHRA arm design ensures 100% arm depth usage. No bolt heads means no damage to goods in the event of impact.
  • OHRA arms can be incline-adjusted with a levelling bolt, particularly useful for longer arm lengths.
  • Integrated safely fender/head-guards, for accomodating roll-off stops, are a standard feature for all arms
  • Standard pitch of 100 mm, 50 mm pitch option also available

Column and base features:

OHRA base legs are supplied with tyre protection as standard (Racking System K60), and columns are punched double-sided as standard.
All columns are bolted to the base, meaning:

a)  Lower transport costs
b)  Damaged bases can be replaced without complete frame replacement, and
c)  Retro conversion from single to double entry possible.

Our racking systems conform to DIN EN 1090, EUROCODE, and FEM 10.2.02.

Cantilever racking Technology
Sideview of arm to column connection
Technology of Cantilever racking
The arms move and give way on impact
cantilever racking technical detail
Column profile with connection for distance tubes

OHRA cantilever racks accessories

You can order a range of accessories to extend your OHRA racking configuration. These include grating, anti-rolling protection in heavy and light design, beams, saddle tubes, and many more. See examples below.

cantilever racking accessory
Galvanized cantilever racking with weather protection net.
Cantilever racking accessory
Cantilever racking with arm bridges for a continuous storage possibility.

cantilever racking accessory
Cantilever racking arms with patented fixing plate
Cantilever racking accessory
Cantilever racking line with entry device and guide rail
Cantilever racking accessory
Cantilever racks with gratings. Continuous storage levels.

References for cantilever racks

Rubio Careco
FX Ruch
Rubio Careco

Rubio Careco

The French car recycler Rubio Caréco has increased its storage capacities for end-of-life vehicles fivefold on the existing area with a new racking system from OHRA. 108 newly installed double-sided cantilever racks offer a load capacity of up to 2,200 kilograms per storage level per side. With a racking height of 7,600 millimetres, five storage levels were achieved. Thus, instead of 216 cars, 1080 can now be stored in the same space - and much more safely and efficiently than in the old floor storage.

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A 17-year-old mobile racking system from thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary was brought back to the current state of the art through retrofitting. OHRA replaced worn mechanical parts and modernised the entire electrical engineering. The modernisation ensures that the plant can continue to operate with a high level of availability. The control concept and safety system are now state of the art again - so the modernised plant meets the same requirements as a new one but required only the fraction of the investment.

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Arabesque, the largest distributor of building materials and finishing products in Romania, has significantly expanded its storage capacity: OHRA's new cantilever racks reach a total length of over 250 metres at a height of up to 5,280 millimetres. The new racking system requires far less space than the previous floor storage system, so Arabesque now again has sufficient capacity to expand and enlarge its product range. This means that customer requirements can continue to be met reliably in the future.

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ULMA Construction has created new storage capacity for formwork panels by installing OHRA cantilever racks in only six months. The 58 meter long external racks with roof and clad back wall were specially adapted to the different dimensions of the plywood panels by varying the centre distances within the racks. This makes it possible to store any panel size without the panels bending during storage.

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FX Ruch

FX Ruch

With 22 cantilever and pallet racks from OHRA, the building materials dealer FX Ruch has completely restructured its branch in Radolfzell. With a warehouse, large open-air storage and drive-in area, more items are available to customers more quickly. Thanks to the racks being adapted to a wide range of goods, the company was able to combine a high storage capacity with significantly more efficient logistical processes.

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